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Game Factory Interactive's GamesCom 2009 Lineup

by Rainier on Aug. 13, 2009 @ 12:19 p.m. PDT

Game Factory Interactive announced its line-up of titles it will be showing off at GamesCom 2009 (Aug. 19th-23rd), such as They’re Alive!, Steam Slug, new titles M.I.A.: Missing in Action, The Way of Cossack and a slew of others ...

New Core Games (PC)

They’re Alive! (FPS)

In this new action game the story takes place in future, in the capital of Russia, Moscow that becomes not only political, financial and cultural center of the country but also the abode for aliens who hide among human-beings and try to take control over human nation!

Steam Slug (Action/Shooter)

This new shooter game allows players to enjoy a truly steampunk world in alternative history setting.

M.I.A.: Missing in Action (FPS)

This is a modern story about special operation of Russian Federal Security Service (the former KGB) to capture the mole on the territory of war-conflict zone, Slaviya.

The Way of Cossack (RPG)

A legendary story about the famous historical character, Ukrainian Cossack, Taras Bulba, who led his people to drive out the occupants from the territory of Ukraine in the middle of the 16th century.

New Kids Games

The Crystal Fairytale of Cinderella (Adventure Kids)

Girls will enjoy solving puzzles to help Cinderella come to the royal ball and win the Prince's heart.

The Adventures of Princess. Magic Rainbow (Adventure Kids)

The players will be challenged to help Cinderella to save her beloved one and others from the evil witch's dark magic to marry the Prince and become a Princess.

The Adventures of Princess. Royal Tournament (Arcade/Tycoon )

While competing in the annual royal horseracing, the Princess will learn to take care of her horse: to groom, feed, water and wash it, choose harness and jockey outfit.

The Adventures of Mermaid and her friends (Adventure)

This game will introduce to players the adventures of the wonderful Mermaid and the world of marine animals.

Magic Fairies. Flower Kingdom (Puzzle)

The youngest players will learn colors, simple geometry and animal world.

My Lovely Pony (Puzzle/Tycoon)

Together with Little Rose Pony the player will go into adventures in a fairyland to find the crystal horseshoe.

The adventures of Alladin and the Magic Skull (Adventure)

You will go with Alladin on the exciting adventure to find the famous Floating city from the Arabian fairytales.

New Adventure And Arcade Games

Nasty Neighbors: No Picnic for Celebrity (Puzzle/Arcade)

Caroline, a glamorous rich bubble-headed blonde who is a TV show anchor, likes giving parties at her home and does not care about anyone else but herself. Give her a lesson and teach her good manners!

Nasty Neighbors: No Country for Curmudgeon (Puzzle/Arcade)

Offended by local tycoon’s elitist attitude a clever and cheerful village boy tries to make things difficult for him by inventing many funny and surprising pranks.

Diamon Jones: Eye of the Dragon (Quest/Adventure)

In this new adventure you will travel to China in the middle of the 20th century to solve the puzzles and mysteries of the Celestial Empire and get a mystic trophy, Eye of the Dragon.


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