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Panzer Tactics DS

Platform(s): Nintendo DS, PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: CDV
Release Date: 2007

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'Panzer Tactics DS' (NDS) - 19 Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 1, 2006 @ 1:30 a.m. PST

Panzer Tactics DS is the first and only WWII turn-based strategy wargame for the Nintendo DS. The game is played on hex-based maps and offers a variety of control options.

Get the Panzer Tactics DS [NDS] Trailer off WP (24mb)

The year is 1939. The world on the brink of one of the greatest conflicts in human history: the Second World War. Be prepared to assume command of one of three of the most powerful armies of that time: the German Wehrmacht, the Red Army or the Western Allies (Britain and USA).

The three different historical campaigns enable you to experience the demanding strategic aspects of combat for the first time on a handheld device. Lead your men to victory – on land, on water and in the air! Multiplayer mode lets you challenge your friends via Hotseat mode, LAN or Wi-Fi, and collect important points for the Panzer Tactics DS online Highscore Ladder. Show the rest of the world who’s the best strategist!


  • Three exciting single-player campaigns in which you lead the German Wehrmacht, the Red Army or the Western Allies
  • 30 nerve-racking, historical missions, including secret operations behind enemy lines
  • More than 150 different waterborne, land and airborne units and 20 different special attack techniques
  • 30 heroic officers, whose tasks include providing additional motivation to their units
  • Game depth and intelligent computer-generated opponents mean high replay value
  • Multiplayer mode enables up to 4 players to play on 10 different multiplayer maps (via LAN, Wi-Fi, or Hotseat mode)
  • Online rankings allow you to compare yourself with the best amateur generals in the world
  • Playable using the stylus or buttons, or a combination of both
  • Optional bonus mission objectives to unlock extra missions and tactical optimizations
  • Large variety of different battle animations for all units, plus a wide range of special explosion and weather effects

Game Modes :

  • CAMPAIGNS: During a campaign, you assume command of one of three armies and lead each one through ten different missions.
  • SCENARIOS: Here you can play each of the missions you completed successfully during the campaign.
  • TRAINING: Here, you will find two tutorials and eight training missions with different strategic tasks. The Tutorials interactively explain the game controls. The training missions explain tactics such as aerial combat, naval combat, encirclement and ambushing.
  • HOT SEAT MODE: This mode enables you to play with a friend on a single Nintendo DS system.
  • MULTI-CARD PLAY: In this mode, up to four players can play locally against each other.
  • NINTENDO WI-FI CONNECTION: Challenge players from all over the world.
  • RANKING LIST: You can upload details of your victories in DS Wireless Communications and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connections to an online ranking list.

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