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Forza Motorsports

Platform(s): Xbox
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Microsoft

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12. 'Forza' (Xbox)

by Rainier on Feb. 13, 2005 @ 12:30 a.m. PST

"Forza Motorsport" is the first fully customizable driving simulator for Xbox. With authentic handling and damage physics, lifelike graphics, and realistic tuning options, "Forza Motorsport" brings the automotive experience to life. Feel the pride of owning more than 200 models from automakers such as Nissan, Honda, Ferrari, Porsche, Tommy Kiara and over 40 other manufacturers. Players express themselves with endless visual customization options — choosing from 150 aftermarket brands, a million unique paint schemes, and enough decals for every car imaginable — and then make their vehicles roar on the road with engine upgrades ranging from turbo kits to engine swaps.

Kris Graft: We already know that GT4 will be good, but it's Forza that may turn out to be the dark horse, and steal some of GT4's thunder. Although Forza may only be expanding upon ideas that GT has already realized, it does have one thing that GT4 doesn't: online support. This may not be a big deal to some people, but hardcore racers want to know how they stack up against the rest of the world, and split screen modes just don't cut it. Also, the career mode can be played online or offline. Sounds pretty sweet to me.

Corey Owen: What is there left to be said about Forza? You have the most realistic racing game ever created; from the graphics, to the physics, to the audio, to the customizations, this game has it all. It has all of the hottest cars in the world, and with the ability to add body kits and custom paint jobs to all of them to truly make the car yours, you have got to get excited. There are over 1,700 leader boards online so you can track your performance in every aspect of the game. To really build up the racing community, you can take the cars and parts you have earned and trade them online, and you can even create racing teams and share paint jobs to make the ultimate team. If it's even remotely like racing, this game is sure to please.

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