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Starcraft: Ghost

Platform(s): PlayStation 2, Xbox
Genre: Action
Publisher: Vivendi
Developer: Blizzard

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15. 'Starcraft: Ghost' (PS2/Xbox)

by Rainier on Jan. 1, 2006 @ 1:30 a.m. PST

StarCraft: Ghost is a tactical/action game set in the StarCraft univers take part in the struggle for galactic domination as Nova, a deadly Ghost operative in the employ of the Terran Dominion.

Mark "RumDragon" Bolin: The story of StarCraft was one of the best I have ever experienced, and this offering promises to expand on that great narrative even more. An incredible range of abilites, weapons, and vehicles will propel this game above the fray, and getting to see units from the original game in full 3-D will be a large addition to the fun factor.

Geson Hatchett: It says a lot about the expectations and quality of a game that people are still anticipating it after so many delays. The playable E3 booth surely had somethng to do with that, as people were treated to hands-on sessions playing as various Starcraft units outside of Ghosts. Let's hope the final product manages to be just as interesting and fun.

Hugh McHarg: Admittedly, the novelty of transplanting a character from the classic RTS phenomenon into what Blizzard calls a stealth-action game makes up a big part of StarCraft: Ghost's appeal for me, but that's just the foundation. The game's promising a lot – vehicles, psi powers, multiplayer – on top of the basic thrill of taking control of a single operative in a new StarCraft epic. It's been a long wait, but as the release date comes within sight, anticipation of potential greatness has returned to overcome all the fears that built up during the delays. I had a similar feeling upon first hearing of Orson Scott Card's involvement with Advent Rising, another big promiser. I hope it works out better this time around.

Justin Raymond: It's been a long time coming, and maybe we'll finally get it this year. Blizzard's Starcraft franchise has been virtually untouched since its inception, and while continual delays sometimes spell doom for a game (Daikatana?) they sometimes mean the game just needs a little more time to cook (Psychonauts!). Starcraft: Ghost should be well worth the wait when it finally arrives.

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