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Xenoblade Chronicles X

Platform(s): WiiU
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Monolith Soft
Release Date: Dec. 4, 2015

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12. 'Xenoblade Chronicles X' (WiiU)

by Judy on Jan. 31, 2015 @ 12:30 a.m. PST

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a sci-fi RPG in which a terrible intergalactic war leaves just a handful of Earth survivors trying to live in a beautiful yet hostile environment.

Dustin Chadwell: While I enjoyed Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, it was sometimes difficult to get past the visual quality in comparison to RPGs on other platforms at the time. Xenoblade did a lot with its art style to make up for the sub-HD graphics, but Xenoblade Chronicles X gives the series the visual makeover it deserves. That last trailer from a Nintendo Direct session, which showcased the scale and variety of the environments, did more to sell me on this RPG than any other piece of media to date.

Chris DeAngelus: The original Xenoblade was a bit of a dark horse. An RPG released in small numbers, it quickly gained a cult following that ballooned. Now the protagonist Shulk is in Super Smash Bros., and a psuedo-sequel is coming soon. Xenoblade Chronicles X involves a new cast of characters as they crash land on a mysterious alien world and have to fight for survival. Xenoblade Chronicles X keeps the same strong core gameplay of the original Xenoblade but adds a bevy of new features, including giant controllable robots. Looking bigger and better than its predecessor, Xenoblade Chronicles X has the potential to be one of the most intense JRPGs in years.

Brian Dumlao: The Wii U system's only JRPG is an HD remake of a homebrew Sega Genesis title, so Xenoblade Chronicles X is about to give the console a big game. The latest trailer from the last Nintendo Direct session showed off a huge world with plenty of different environments, and they all looked gorgeous. Combined with a refined real-time battle system, this looks to be the RPG that'll drive fans to the system.

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