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Just Cause 3

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Avalanche Studios
Release Date: Dec. 1, 2015

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9. 'Just Cause 3' (PS4/XOne/PC)

by Judy on Jan. 31, 2015 @ 12:30 a.m. PST

Just Cause 3 is the latest installment in the action/adventure series, and takes open world freedom to new heights.

Mark Buckingham: I still spin up JC2 somewhat regularly. It's great for jumping in, goofing around for a half-hour, and getting back out, since I've scoured every inch of the massive game world. Avalanche confirmed the rumored abysmal free-to-play model is not going into the final product, something many fans were thrilled to hear. It looks like more of what we loved about JC2 in a new area and with some new tricks up Rico's sleeve. Sounds good to me. If they can pull off multiplayer anywhere close to what the PC JC2 multiplayer mod did, all the better. This is probably my most anticipated title this year.

Brian Dumlao: Just Cause 2 was a very good game on consoles, but it was elevated on the PC, where its amazing open world made for endless YouTube clips, and modding gave it an equally chaotic and fun multiplayer mode. The third game in the series is appearing on consoles and should make for a game that can give GTA and Saints Row a run for their money, but the real excitement is with the PC version, where modding can give it longer legs than before. Unless this gets delayed, this will be the open-world game to watch in 2015.

Tony "OUberLord" Mitera: In Just Cause 2, I'm certain I did more insane crap in one afternoon of play than is possible in entire other games. If you weren't using your grappling hook to airjack a helicopter, you were using it to tie a pursuing jeep to a nearby tree. I imagine entire design meetings were held to ensure that the player would have some crazy stuff to do. Just make sure I still have my trusty grappling hook and a dubious amount of propane tanks lying around, and I'm sure Just Cause 3 and I will get along just fine.

Rainier Van Autrijve: Any self-respecting gamer knows that the bread and butter of the Just Cause series are the game mechanics, in particular the grappling hook and parachute abilities. It has been five years since the sequel, and from what we know about Just Cause 3, it seems Avalanche Studios won't mess with a winning formula. The Southeast Asian islands of Panau from JC2 have been replaced by Medici (where Rico was born), and the game world will be approximately be the same size as the previous title. Every title in the open-world series has coastlines, lush forests, and mountains, but the main difference will be in the detailed environment due to the focus on next-gen hardware. Many people are still playing JC2 because of its fan-created multiplayer mod, and while JC3 won't include any online action out of the box, the developers have not ruled out that it may get added somewhere down the line. If this means Avalanche is focused on making Just Cause 3 the best single-player experience possible, then I'm all for it.

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