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'Combat Mission: Afrika Korps' - New Features

by Thomas on Nov. 19, 2003 @ 1:37 a.m. PST

Combat Mission: Afrika Korps is a 1-2 player, hybrid turn-based/realtime 3D simulation of WWII tactical warfare in parts of the Mediterranean Theater including Italy, North and East Africa and Crete from 1940 to 1945. It is based on the award winning engine of Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin..

Experience combat in a true 3D battlefield as machinegun tracers arc overhead and exploding artillery shells shake the earth! Watch the famous Deutsches Afrika Korps storm the fortress of Tobruk, or help the US and British forces defend against powerful German counterstrikes at Anzio. Fight with the elite German Fallschirmjäger units in Crete, or follow General Patton's sweep across the island of Sicily.

Full game features include:

  • Wage war in the Mediterranean Theater from Libya in July 1940 to Italy in 1945
  • Hi-res 3D graphics and dynamic stereo sound effects
  • Larger battlemaps! Operations up to 32 square kilometers in size and individual battle maps up to 20 square kilometers
  • Unique Turn / Real-time hybrid system - allows for detailed planning and exciting action
  • Internet / LAN / Play By Email / Hotseat head to head play
  • 10 nations: German, US, British, Canadian, Italian, French, Australian, New Zealander, South African, Polish
  • 700+ different tanks and vehicles and other unit types
  • 70 Scenarios and Operations
  • Quick Battle Maker for unlimited computer made scenarios
  • Full featured Map and Scenario Editor to create your own battles and operations
  • New effects including dust clouds, desert fog and more
  • Unparalleled realism and attention to detail
  • 32 page printed Quick Guide with Quick Reference Card, and 210+ page PDF manual

Visit for more details, screenshots and a FAQ section!

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