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'Ragnarok Online' Gets Transcendent Class Update

by Rainier on July 8, 2005 @ 3:26 p.m. PDT

Gravity Interactive has introduced a Transcendent Class update for Ragnarok Online (RO). Now, players of the popular anime-style MMORPG will be able to transcend the current limit of 99 character powers to attain additional abilities not yet seen within the game.

Currently, players who have achieved "level-99" are the top-ranked characters and possess the greatest set of skills offered in the land of Ragnarok. Gravity's new Ragnarok update will restart these players at level-1, where they will begin to acquire new powers far greater in scale than before. Essentially, players will be given a new utility belt with many more compartments to hold much more

Ragnarok Online was inspired by the fantasy graphic novel of the same name. In game, players can be anything they desire -- from a strong and vengeful swordsman, to a swift thief or caring healer. There are 10 different lands and environments in the world of Ragnarok Online to which players can travel. They can venture alone in search of adventure, or with a friend made within the Ragnarok community. They can court one another, fall in love, get married and even end it all in a bitter divorce if need be.

Getting around this third-person environment is easy, especially for those without prior experience in the MMORPG game genre. Camera control, zooming, and character movement can all be managed via the mouse and keyboard. Click and control on an opposing critter to start attacking - no complicated keystroke combinations to master.

To find out more about Ragnarok Online or download a free trial version of the game, go to

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