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Demon's Souls (PS3)

King Allant the XII, the last king of Boletaria, searched tirelessly to expand his might.  The Nexus, a great ice shrine nestled in the mountains, bestowed the power of the souls onto him, bringing prosperity to his kingdom.  Still unsated, he returned again to the Nexus, where he foolishly awakened the Old One from its eternal slumber.  This long forgotten evil, now wrought upon Boletaria, plunged the realm into darkness and fog.  A mighty demon horde poured into the kingdom, devouring the souls of men.

"With its bold blend of deep, involved action RPG gameplay, breathtaking visuals, and some of the most innovative online features in years, Demon's Souls for PlayStation 3 system delivers the hardcore gaming experience platform owners have been waiting for since launch," stated Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Atlus.  "Developer From Software has crafted a haunting, memorable roleplaying game filled with daring new ideas and multiplayer concepts, which explains why Demon's Souls releases to tremendous critical acclaim and consumer buzz.  The Deluxe Edition serves as further proof of this growing demand as it begins to sell out at key retailers."

Champions from other realms learned of Boletaria's fate and sought to deliver the kingdom from evil; none would return from the cursed land.  Called upon by a mysterious maiden in black, you go forth, the last hope for humanity in a place lost to demons and darkness...

Key Features

  • Ultimate hardcore RPG challenge -- In this brutal land, death is inevitable, but not final. Combining the best features of an action game and RPG, you'll slice, smash, shoot, and ensorcel some of the most horrible, vicious enemies ever encountered. Are you strong enough to face the impossible and win?
  • Groundbreaking online capabilities -- Network features go far beyond any previous RPG, allowing players to leave hints for each other, replay death scenes, cooperatively revive dead players, or invade another player's game to wreak havoc. Not merely an add-on feature, multiplayer options are vast, and uniquely focused on changing and intensifying the single player experience.
  • Freeform and flexible -- The open-ended structure of the game means that there is no single path, but rather a wealth of options. Set your own pace and progress as you like. Build exactly the character you want by creating a detailed avatar, nurturing the right stats, and customizing your skills and equipment.
  • You act, the world reacts -- The World Tendency system changes the aggressiveness of monsters and the rewards for killing them based on players' actions.  Different events and NPCs may be triggered, as well.

The Demon's Souls Standard Edition retails with an MSRP of $59.99, and the Deluxe Edition, includes a 160-page strategy guide and collectible embossed slipcase, sells for $69.99.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (PS3/X360/PC)

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is modern combat in stunning detail. The gameauthentically recreates a 360-degree theater of war, which enables players to approach objectives from any direction.  On this realistic battlefield, where one bullet can kill, players face the fear and mortality felt by soldiers as they are challenged to survive the rapidly evolving situations of battle throughout the game’s single and 4-player co-op campaign.

 Whether assaulting, flanking or suppressing the enemy, or calling on fire support to rain down from the skies, Operation Flashpoint:  Dragon Rising demands that players think on their feet and react quickly to any situation the game’s advanced AI throws at them.  In this theater, every decision counts, every action has a consequence and any bullet can kill.

For the duration of hostilities, players will wage war with the most technologically advanced arsenal the USMC has ever had.  In the field, players have access to customized weapons that meet the needs of the constantly evolving combat scenario.  Scopes, such as the Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) and Thermal Infrared Goggles (TIG), can be used to overcome adverse combat and environmental conditions.  Other force multipliers, including grenade launchers, smoke and night vision devices are also featured.

Complete with 4-player online co-op play throughout the campaign and individual multiplayer Fire Team Engagements, Operation Flashpoint:  Dragon Rising delivers the lethality, tension and adrenaline of real war like never before.

Operation Flashpoint:  Dragon Rising, rated M for Mature, mounts its assault onstores’ shelves across North America today for the X360/PS3 ( $59.99) and PC ($49.99).

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes (NDS/PSP/PS2/Wii/PS3/X360/PC)

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes allows players to fight as both Jedi Knights and clone troopers through over 40 unique missions, all created from shared visual assets from the TV series. Featuring a brand-new storyline, players get the chance to take part in the key events that lead directly into the highly anticipated second season of the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Jedi characters can slice and dice their way through countless enemies, commandeer droids and show off their combat prowess on foot and in a variety of vehicles. Clone troopers fire things up with a heavy weapons armament that includes rocket launchers, thermal detonators and even jet packs in levels built specifically to take run-and-gun gameplay to exciting levels.

To capture the Jedi Master and Padawan dynamic, as well as the squad camaraderie of everyone's favorite clone troopers, the game also supports two player local drop-in and drop-out cooperative play on the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. Families have made the television series a cross-generational success and now they can truly experience the most authentic Star Wars: The Clone Wars video game experience together.

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes is now available for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP, NDS and PC.

NBA Live 10 (PSP/PS3/X360)

NBA Live 10 brings an unprecedented level of user control to the long running series, putting gamers in command of dribbling, passing, shooting and driving the lane, replicating the athleticism and agility that real NBA players display on the court.

In addition to gameplay, visuals and in-game presentation have also received an overhaul in NBA Live 10. 90 throwback jerseys and more than 500 shoes will update throughout the course of the year (requires online access). All new player models will elevate the look of each individual player in the game to reflect their real world counterparts. Authentic lighting and design for all 30 NBA arenas, and commentary that evolves throughout the season to reflect big trades, key match-ups, and injuries, will work together to deliver the most authentic presentation in an NBA LIVE videogame to date.

Evolving on the genre-defining Dynamic DNA, NBA Live 10 introduces a premium service called Dynamic Season (Dynamic Season and Dynamic DNA is free with all new copies of NBA LIVE 10. Consumers who purchase a used copy of NBA LIVE 10 can access the service for 1200 MS Points or $14.99) to this year's offering. Dynamic Season allows users to play along with the regular season as it happens. Powered by Synergy Sports Technology - the premier analytics provider for more than 25 NBA teams - Dynamic Season will update your game daily with the real results, injuries, statistics, trades and tendencies that happen in the NBA. As users play each game, their results are merged with the real NBA season, giving players the opportunity to alter reality and make their own 2010 NBA Finals.

NBA Live 10 has been rated "E" by the ESRB and 3+ by PEGI.

NBA 10: The Inside (PSP/PS3)

NBA 10: The Inside provides fans with an engaging basketball experience combining refined gameplay mechanics, ultra realistic player movements and interactions, and unique modes and mini-games, all on-the-go. This year's effort expands on the franchise's popular "Conquest" mode and includes new carnival style mini-games offering the most diverse and feature-rich handheld NBA action available.

"NBA 10: The Inside demonstrates the creativity and innovation of the development team at SCE WWS San Diego Studio and their efforts to deliver a standout NBA title," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President, Product Marketing, SCEA. "With our expanded Conquest mode and unique host of mini-games, NBA 10: The Inside provides an unrivaled portable experience for basketball fans and gamers alike."

In NBA 10: The Inside, the classic Conquest mode is back and has been expanded allowing players to participate in a game of territory acquisition and management where awards are used to upgrade player attributes and home city amenities. This year fans can take on the entire country in the traditional Conquest style while playing Dodgeball ("DodgeQuest"), Give & Go ("Give&GoQuest") or the "MiniQuest" option, which allows players to choose from one of four mini-games to compete in.

Carnival style mini-games return to NBA 10: The Inside with two new additions to the roster in "Open Lanes" and "Cherry Pickin'." Open Lanes is a traditional 10 frame bowling game, while Cherry Pickin' is a puzzle based mini-game with an NBA look and feel. Additional pick up and play mini-games are also back including Shootin' Bricks, Block A Shot, Big Shooter, Hot Shot!, Pinball and more - all of which players can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

NBA 10: The Inside also boasts wireless multiplayer gameplay and expanded play-by-play and audio commentary from Inside the NBA on TNT analyst Kenny Smith and Ian Eagle providing a true-to-life NBA feel for all fans.

NBA 10: The Inside is rated "E" for "Everyone."

Naruto Shippuden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising (PSP)

Based on the popular NARUTO Shippuden animated series from VIZ Media, players assume control of more than 10 of their favorite ninja, including the dreaded Akatsuki in the first NARUTO action-adventure game for the PSP system.  Naruto Shippuden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising promises to deliver fierce ninja action as players re-live the NARUTO Shippuden storyline and experience a brand new adventure.

The Akatsuki organization has kidnapped Gaara from the Hidden Sand Village.  Their mission is to extract Shukaku, a powerful beast that has been sealed within Gaara since his birth.  Naruto and the rest of Team Kakashi are on a race against time to uncover the Akatsuki’s hideout and save Gaara before it is too late.  Players will also uncover an all-new NARUTO Shippuden storyline as they assume the role of one of four nefarious Akatsuki members. 

NARUTO Shippuden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising boasts streamlined controls for the PSP, ensuring exciting, fast-paced tactical battles making best use of each character’s Jutsu.  Aim and time powerful Jutsu attacks with simple button commands and devastate the enemies by entering Hypermode.  As characters defeat the enemies or take damage, the Hyper Gauge starts to fill.  When in Hypermode, character’s stats are increased and new Jutsu attacks may be unlocked.  Players will be able to gain advantage in the heat of a battle by selecting two support characters to form a three-man team for each mission.  Players can utilize the different skills each character brings and combine their attacks together to discover ultimate combos in defeating enemies. 

NARUTO Shippuden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising incorporates multiple modes of play including two-player cooperative or versus play via ad-hoc local wireless network.  Original Mode lets players experience the Gaara Retrieval Arc as they battle enemies through lush, 3D anime inspired environments.  Scenario Mode introduces all-new side-missions to pick up Skill Scrolls which increase your character’s abilities including attack, defense, health and other numerous indicators reflected through all modes.  Akatsuki Mode lets players gain control of members of the Akatsuki organization for the first time in a brand-new storyline, discovering the Akatsuki’s true intentions while Naruto was searching for Gaara.  Finally, find out who the best ninja is with Versus Mode by battling against a friend or the computer in one-on-one fights. 

NARUTO Shippuden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising is rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB and carries an MSRP of $39.99.   

Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2010 (NDS/Wii)

Following last year's game, Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2010 debuts exclusive new features including one-on-one training with Jillian, all-new exercises hand-picked by Jillian, a customizable Resolutions Mode and much more.  Paired with the portable NDS game releasing later this month, players can now start living a healthier lifestyle courtesy of America's toughest trainer.
In Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2010 for Wii™, players are immersed in an intense training session set on a gorgeous tropical island. Filled with Jillian's exercises and routines along with her distinctive voice and likeness accompanying trainees every step of the way, the game provides immediate and accurate feedback that helps guide players for maximum results.  Jillian leads her virtual clients through superset routines of Cardio and Strength Training exercises that include warm-ups and cool-downs, just like a real session with a personal trainer. In addition, players will benefit from helpful health tips and a customizable 6-month training calendar that ensures they stay motivated and focused on attaining their ultimate fitness goals.
Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2010, rated E for Everyone, is developed by Collision Studios along with Executive Producer Interactive Game Group (12G), and is available for a $39.99. 

NBA 2K10 (PSP/PS2/PS3/X360)

A limited-edition NBA 2K10: Anniversary Edition is also available that comes packaged in a specially designed 2K Sports locker configured for game storage, with exclusive items featuring 2009 NBA Finals MVP and cover athlete for NBA 2K10, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. This season, NBA 2K10 delivers the most realistic, stylistic, and feature-rich simulation experience ever available in the NBA 2K franchise - from gameplay to graphics, presentation and online features.

"I take great pride in aligning myself with NBA 2K10 as it is simply the most authentic basketball game out there, bar none," said Kobe Bryant, 11-time NBA All-Star. "I was fortunate enough to win a world championship when I was announced to be on the cover. I have learned, in my time working with the 2K Sports team that they, too, strive to be the absolute best."

"NBA 2K10 is the dream package for any diehard basketball fan and will be available on more platforms than ever before," said Greg Thomas, senior vice president of sports development for 2K. "It's the 10th anniversary of the NBA 2K franchise and we're celebrating in a huge way with Kobe Bryant on our cover and the NBA 2K10: Anniversary Edition that includes many awesome collectibles. NBA 2K10 challenges basketball fans of all ages – How will you take over?"

NBA 2K10 raises the bar for authenticity this year with groundbreaking new features:

  • NBA Today: Real world matchups, news and stats automatically stream right into the game. NBA Today keeps commentary and overlays fresh and up to date based on what is really happening in the NBA.
  • My Player: Giving fans what they have long requested, the all-new My Player career mode allows fans to create their own ultimate NBA player and guide his every career move. Players start as an undrafted rookie in the Summer Circuit, and if their skills become advanced enough, they may get an invite to participate in an NBA team's training camp or end up in the NBA Development League. The road to being an NBA star is long and hard, and each player has the opportunity to create their own unique experience making it to the League.
  • The Association: The Association strives to be the best franchise mode in sports video games. Full incorporation of the NBA Development League and the ability to control all 30 NBA teams at once, including restricted free agency, real-time practice, an all-new player progression system, and a host of other enhancements gives NBA 2K10 players the tools to rule the court and lead their team to victory.
  • Crews: Crews, a new online feature, allows dedicated online players to round up their friends and build the ultimate squad using either created players from My Player or an actual NBA team. Players can go online and challenge other Crews for bragging rights and progression points as they try to climb their way to the top of the Crew leaderboard rankings.
  • Signature Play: Signature Play pulls together all of NBA 2K's player Signature Styles and adds in all-new Signature Tendencies and facial expressions, creating NBA 2K10 teams that play and react like their real life counterparts for an unbelievably realistic NBA experience. Improved easy-to-use offensive controls for dribbling and post game let players pull off ankle breaking IsoMotion™ moves and dominate from the perimeter to the paint. Gamers can shut down teams like never before with innovative defensive controls that allow you to shadow your opponent's every move, deny position off-ball, and even select different approaches to contest shots.

Developed by 2K Sports' Visual Concepts studio, NBA 2K10, rated E for Everyone, is now available on X360, PS3, PS2, and PSP, with a PC version scheduled for Oct. 12 and for Wii on Oct. 19.

Spore Hero (Wii)

Built from the ground up exclusively for the Wii, Spore Hero immerses players intoan action-packed adventure filled with creativity, combat and exploration as they fight to save their planet.

"Spore has proven to be a huge hit with tween and teen boys. We are so excited to release Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena-- two new games that bring all of the action, adventure and fun that this audience loves," said Lucy Bradshaw, VP and General Manager at Maxis. "Now, players will be able to take on the role of their own kind of hero, by creating it however they like using the Creature Creator, tackling challenging quests and battling friends in competitive multiplayer modes."

Spore Hero delivers the unparalleled creative freedom of Spore in an action-adventure game created exclusively for the Wii. Set in a rich and vibrant 3-D world, Spore Hero empowers the player to become the hero as they embark on an epic quest to save their creature's home planet from destruction by the evil nemesis, Zarkhator. Along this journey, players engage in fun battles, solve puzzles, and explore to collect more than 250 cool new creature parts, all with unique abilities. These parts, which can be used to customize creatures in the revolutionary and award-winning Spore Creature Creator, can change the way creatures will play and fight in the world. Players can also utilize their brawling skills in a dynamic multiplayer mode, in which they battle their friends with their own customized creature to become the 'baddest' Spore hero around!

Available for $49.99 MSRP, Spore Hero is rated E10+ by the ESRB.

Spore Hero Arena (NDS)

Built from the ground up exclusively for the NDS, Spore Hero Arena immerse players intoan action-packed adventure filled with creativity, combat and exploration as they fight to save their planet.

Spore Hero Arena catapults players into a galaxy filled with fun and intense arena-based combat. Featuring an all-new story set in the same universe as Spore Hero, Spore Hero Arena takes players on a quest to save planets in their galaxy from an evil force. Throughout the game, players create their own unique gladiator hero creature and guide it from planet to planet as they fight enemy creatures, collect new parts, gain upgrades and unlock special abilities that will benefit their hero. Developed with multiplayer capabilities in mind, Spore Hero Arena also allows players to battle with up to three friends locally or play with a friend over Wi-Fi and share creature creations over a Wireless network, taking the Spore gameplay experience to an entirely new and interactive level.

"Spore has proven to be a huge hit with tween and teen boys. We are so excited to release Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena-- two new games that bring all of the action, adventure and fun that this audience loves," said Lucy Bradshaw, VP and General Manager at Maxis. "Now, players will be able to take on the role of their own kind of hero, by creating it however they like using the Creature Creator, tackling challenging quests and battling friends in competitive multiplayer modes."

Spore Hero Arena is available for $29.99 MSRP and is rated E by the ESRB.

Afrika (PS3)

Afrika is a wildlife photography adventure set in a lush, unexplored region of Africa.

"We are very excited about Afrika's release today. We know many PS3 owners out there have been itching to get their hands on the game," said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume. "It was a real pleasure to work with Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios in bringing this title to North America."

In Afrika, players step into the role of a freelance photographer exploring a brand new African wildlife conservation area. They'll document the wildlife and photograph incredible sights such as a titanic clash between hippopotamuses, a pride of lions watching over its playful cubs, and a cheetah's lightning-fast chase as it runs down its prey! All of the game's animals and environments are rendered in photorealistic detail with animals that move, behave, and interact with each other just like their real-world counterparts. Produced in cooperation with National Geographic, Afrika features a wealth of information about each of its animals, including footage and photographs from the magazine.

The photography in the game is as meticulously modeled as the animals themselves; players will need to learn from the game's innovative photo grading system and compose their photographs with the eye of a professional photographer if they want to earn top dollar. The money they earn can be used to purchase new licensed lenses, cameras, and safari equipment. If players are good enough, they just might find their photograph on the cover of National Geographic! With more than 70 animals to find, over 100 missions to complete, and endless replayability, Afrika offers the safari experience of a lifetime!

Afrika, Natsume's first PS3 title, is now available at an MSRP of $49.99 and is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.

Gary Grigsby's Eagle Day to Bombing of the Reich (PC)

With Gary Grigsby's Eagle Day to Bombing of the Reich gamers can relive the intense air campaigns waged above Britain and Germany during the Second World War!

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said "Eagle Day to Bombing of the Reich updates and combines two classic wargames together into one powerful new payload.  Add to that tons of new features and improvements, and we're confident that fans of Battle of Britain or Twelve O'Clock High will see plenty of what they loved about these original games but with even more appeal!"

Gary Grigsby's Eagle Day to Bombing of the Reich is a detailed simulation of the Allied strategic bombing campaign against Germany in World War II. Combining both classic titles Battle of Britain and Twelve O'Clock High into a single updated game package, this in depth air war simulation includes all the original appeal of the original two titles with a huge list of new features and improvements.

Gary Grigsby's Eagle Day to Bombing of the Reich comes packed with AI improvements, new aircraft types, units, and locations, a massive pilot database with over 18,000 pilots, and much more. Players can also enjoy new nationalities like Axis co-belligerents, the USSR, and Brazil. In addition, fans of the immense detail of these classic strategy games will find richer detail across the entire game with more data tracked and displayed.  Statistics like ground kills by pilot and unit, pilot and aircraft losses by unit, pilot loss date and more are now at the player's fingertips!

Stop the Eagle Day directive in its tracks and spearhead the Bombing of the Reich!

The Biggest Loser (NDS/Wii)

The Biggest Loser interactive fitness game is a fun and engaging way for players to get in shape and maintain their ideal fitness level. Set at The Biggest Loser ranch, players can take The Biggest Loser challenge and compete in 4, 8 or 12 week programs against former contestants from the television show, or work out with a friend to form a support system to see who really is The Biggest Loser. Players will work out to a series of structured routines with special weekly challenges, weigh-ins and eliminations, or they can even create their own workout routines. Workouts include upper and lower body exercises, as well as core, cardio and yoga exercises. Progress is documented on a calendar that keeps track of in-game achievements, upcoming training and weigh-in dates. Players can also input exercise done while not playing the video game, such as going for a walk or a bike ride.

"The Biggest Loser interactive fitness game takes the same successful formula of The Biggest Loser television show and applies it to the virtual world," said Nicole Armstrong, divisional vice president, marketing for THQ Kids, Family and Casual Games. "Players are led through a wide range of workouts and given proper nutritional tips to help them safely change their lives through diet and exercise."

"In a perfect world, we wouldn't have to turn away applicants from The Biggest Loser TV show," said Bob Harper, The Biggest Loser trainer. "Now that The Biggest Loser interactive fitness game is available, a wider audience can be reached and anyone who has the game can get access to the show's expert health advice and body-changing workouts to reach their personal fitness goals."

"With season eight of The Biggest Loser TV show currently underway, thisinteractive fitness game is a perfect addition to our The Biggest Loser product line," said Kim Niemi, Senior Vice President, NBC Universal, Television, DVD, Music and Consumer Products Group. "It's fun for the whole family and encourages positive fitness and nutritional habits."

"Having The Biggest Loser game is like having your own personal trainer in your living room," said Mark Koops, Managing Director at Reveille, the production company behind The Biggest Loser. "Players are able to customize their routines and determine their intensity level, while their trainer gives them feedback in real-time."

The interactive fitness game also features 50 healthy recipes from The New York Times best-selling book series The Biggest Loser to help users learn how to eat right for optimal weight loss. Throughout the Wii workout program, suggestions and tips from contestants and trainers will also help guide players as they transform their lives via diet and exercise. The video game also features an interactive calorie counter that tracks what players are eating and recommends their daily intake based on individual height and weight and fitness goals.

When paired together, the Wii and Nintendo DSi/DS products become powerful training partners with Nintendo DSi/DS serving as a portable tool. Featuring nutritional information on thousands of foods, including menu items from some of today's most popular restaurants, users can count their calories and even get healthy recipe suggestions on the go. Players can take their ‘trainer' with them for food and fitness tips, as well as complete exercise routines that encourage them to stick to their wellness goals no matter where they are.

Offering more than 90 exercises and featuring the expertise of trainer Bob Harper, as well as Jillian Michaels, from the hit NBC television show, The Biggest Loser video game is rated E for everyone and is available for the suggested retail prices of $39.99 on Wii and $29.99 on NDSi/DS.

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike (Wii/X360/PC)

"We are very excited to deliver a revolutionary fishing experience to consumers with the release of The Strike," said Chip Pedersen, Director of Gaming at Psyclone. "The Strike combines authentic environments based on real lakes, engaging gameplay with accurate fish and lure behaviors, and a highly interactive fishing pole controller* that allows players an immersive fishing adventure."

Players can enjoy 3 different game-play modes including Quick Fish, Career and Bass Pro Shops Invitational Tournament, or compete with friends in mini games like boat races and casting challenges. The lifelike fishing pole peripheral lets the player cast, jig, set the hook, and fight as if a real fish were on the other end of the line.

The gametakes players to some of North America's most famous fishing hot spots and features eleven types of game fish including Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Striped Bass as well as Northern Pike and Muskie. In addition, realistic lake bottom topography, real-time time-of-day light effects, advanced graphics, and authentic fishing gear from the Bass Pro Shops stores, all combine to offer virtual anglers the most comprehensive fishing game experience to-date.

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike is now available for the Xbox 360, Wii and PC platforms at retailers nationwide (Target, Best Buy, Game Stop, Toys R Us, and Walmart), including Bass Pro Shops.

Fatale (PC)

Fatale is an interactive vignette in realtime 3D inspired by the story of Salome, the biblical princess and protagonist in Oscar Wilde's stage play, first performed in England 78 years ago today. Fatale can be purchased for 7 US Dollars from Tale of Tales' website.

"We are not traditional game developers," confess designers Auriea Harvey & Michael Samyn, "We are more interested in exploring the potential of the interactive medium than refining any premature conventions. This applies to both form and content. The story of Salome is fascinating to us. Not in the least because it allows for so many interpretations. All of these are present in Fatale and we hope the players come up with many more."

Salome was a princess in first century Judea referred to in the Christian Bible by Matthew and by Mark. But it is Oscar Wilde's 19th century stage play "Salome" that really inspired Fatale. In the Bible, Salome is a child who dances for King Herod and asks the head of John the Baptist as a reward. In Wilde's version, Salome falls in love with the prophet. He rejects her and she has him executed. The play ends with her kissing the lips of his decapitated head. Most of Fatale takes place in the aftermath of this event, when all has turned quiet and the moon brings comfort to troubled hearts.

Despite of its disturbing theme, Fatale features a very relaxed play experience. Much like in Tale of Tales' previous works -The Path, The Graveyard and The Endless Forest- most of the interaction is voluntary.
There's no ticking clocks or challenging puzzles in Fatale. The player has all the time in the world to soak up the atmosphere and allow their mind to wander.

Disney Sing It: Pop Hits (PS2/Wii/PS3)

A perfect convergence of pop culture, Disney Sing It: Pop Hits features some of the biggest names and chart-topping songs in pop music to create the ultimate video game singing experience, complete with singing tips and vocal lessons with singer and actress Tiffany Thornton, from the Disney Channel Original Series "Sonny With A Chance."

"Disney Sing It: Pop Hits offers a great collection of hit songs that today's teens will instantly recognize and players of all ages will come to love," said Craig Relyea, senior vice president of global marketing, Disney Interactive Studios. "Players can also improve their skills with vocal lessons and breathing exercises in the game, helping them to become superstar performers in their own living room."

In Disney Sing It: Pop Hits for Wii, PS3 and PS2 , players can match their talent with some of today's best known performers, including master recordings and popular music videos from global fan favorites. Among the notable acts in this third iteration of the franchise are Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat, Demi Lovato, Hannah Montana, Jesse McCartney, Coldplay and One Republic.

Featuring a variety of ways to play, Disney Sing It: Pop Hits lets players grab the microphone and take center stage in a single player mode, harmonize with friends and family in duet mode to earn higher scores, or compete with them head-to-head in multi-player modes. Players can also get tips in a newly expanded "Sing It Pro" mode led by Tiffany Thornton. Tiffany shows players how professional singers improve their vocals, from breathing and pitch exercises to the techniques involved with harmonizing in a duet and riffing. In addition to the vocal rewards that come with practice, the game also provides players with special pins, background themes and other prizes.

New features in the game include "Sing It Encore," which allows players to play back performances, and "Run the Risk," in which contestants try to outbid their opponents on predicted scores.

The Disney Sing It: Pop Hits song list includes:

  • Miley Cyrus
    • "7 Things"
    • "Fly on the Wall"
    • "The Climb"
    • "Hoedown Throwdown"
  • Demi Lovato
    • "Get Back"
    • "La La Land"
    • "Don't Forget"
  • Jonas Brothers
    • "Hold On"
    • "SOS"
    • "When You Look Me In The Eyes"
    • "Love Bug"
    • "Burnin' Up"
  • Colbie Caillat
    • "Realize"
    • "Bubbly"
  • Vanessa Hudgens
    • "Sneakernight"
  • Jesse McCartney
    • "It's Over"
    • "How Do You Sleep?"
  • Taylor Swift
    • "I'm Only Me When I'm With You"
    • "Change"
  • One Republic
    • "Apologize"
  • Duffy
    • ‘Warwick Avenue"
    • "Mercy"
  • Coldplay
    • "Violet Hill"
  • Steve Rushton
    • "Emergency"
  • Love & Theft
    • "Don't Wake Me"
  • Mitchel Musso and Tiffany Thornton / "Hatching Pete" (Disney Channel Original Movie)
    • "Let It Go"
  • Mitchel Musso
    • "The In Crowd"
  • Hannah Montana
    • "Let's Get Crazy"
    • "Let's Do This"
  • Jem
    • "It's Amazing"

Developed by Zoë Mode, Disney Sing It: Pop Hits is available on Wii and PS3 as a standalone game or bundled with a Logitech microphone. The PS2 version is available as a standalone game only.

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