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Tuesday, September 29, 2009 Shipping Announcements

by Rainier on Sept. 29, 2009 @ 5:31 a.m. PDT

Another day, another batch of games shipped to stores. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are announcements for:

We will update this throughout the day when new announcements become available. Read more for details ...

Beaterator (PSP)

Beaterator combines the power of music creation with unparalleled ease-of-use and accessibility for people of all ages and skill levels.

"Beaterator is a new direction for interactive music,” said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. “What makes Beaterator truly astounding is that literally anyone can be up and making music within minutes.”

“My partnership with Rockstar Games has resulted in something amazing,” said Grammy Award-winning producer, Timbaland. “Beaterator puts studio-quality production tools in your pocket, and makes them easy enough for anyone to use.”

Beaterator is a professional-level, portable studio that guides users through the process of constructing beats and songs with thousands of loops and sounds made by both Timbaland and Rockstar. Jam in Live Play mode with genre-specific templates, or jump into Song Crafter to compose original drum beats, melodies, and even record vocals. No matter the skill level, Beaterator puts the power to make studio-quality music at peoples’ fingertips in a format that's portable, accessible and fun.

Beaterator has received outstanding press across the board: USA Today called Beaterator “a powerful, portable music studio for your back pocket.” Wired says Beaterator “teaches children (and adults) the fundamentals of song-crafting by removing the sense of intimidation” around music creation. Top digital music site, CreateDigitalMusic claims Beaterator “could be a revelation.” MTV exclaimed that Beaterator is “one of the most interesting titles coming to the PSP this year.” Gaming site, Kotaku raves “Beaterator is digital music creation made easier.” GameSpy elaborated, stating “the difference between Beaterator and these rhythm/music games is that here you're creating music, not imitating it.”

Beaterator, developed by Rockstar Leeds, is rated E for Everyone and is available at retail on UMD and digitally from the PlayStation Network internationally on October 2, 2009.

MotorStorm Arctic Edge (Wii)

MotorStorm Arctic Edge stays true to the signature MotorStorm style with hostile Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), multi-route tracks, and combat-style racing action where the goal is to not only win, but survive. The game introduces 12 unique and reversible racing tracks, two additional vehicle classes, multiplayer racing action, and a rugged Alaskan environment chock full of treacherous obstacles and hazardous terrain.

"We are excited to have MotorStorm Arctic Edge added to the arsenal of quality PSP titles available this holiday," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President, Product Marketing, SCEA. "MotorStorm Arctic Edge takes full advantage of PSP functionality by bringing exciting features such as eight-player online and ad-hoc modes, photo mode, and the ability to create a custom music playlist to suit your driving mood."

Entering the latest MotorStorm Festival location, players will be greeted by a rugged Alaskan landscape featuring narrow mountain passes, giant ice caves, and slippery ice bridges showcased in 12 amazing new track designs. Players will need lightning-fast reflexes to negotiate the dangerous arctic conditions, including sudden avalanches triggered by vehicle horns, collapsing ice bridges, bobsleigh corners, and three different racing altitudes. Combat-like racing takes center stage as vehicles are treated as weapons to fight off other racers.

With dramatic forces of nature and humans colliding, MotorStorm Arctic Edge gives players more aggressive tools in their competitive arsenals. Along with six vehicle classes from the original MotorStorm, two new snow-specific classes are introduced - the nimble Snowcat and the more forceful Snow Machine. Players can personalize each vehicle in the livery by updating with a selection of wheels, exhaust, spoilers and sponsorship stickers. Also, to further simulate realistic game play, cutting-edge AI analyzes the race and surroundings and reacts to situations in real time, locating the best routes and changing the level of aggression based on cumulative player actions.

In multiplayer, MotorStorm Arctic Edge allows up to eight players to compete against each other wirelessly via Ad-Hoc Mode. Alternatively, players can compete via online multiplayer using Infrastructure mode to make it to the summit of the online global leaderboards.

Featuring a compilation of 20 licensed tracks from top artists and more, the MotorStorm Arctic Edge in-game soundtrack heightens the game's icy off-road pandemonium, motivating players to blast through packed snow and obliterate the competition. For the PSP player who prefers custom tunes, music can be added from a memory stick.

MotorStorm Arctic Edge, developed by Bigbig Studios, is rated "T" for "Teen."

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (NDS)

Uncover the mysteries surrounding the story of Roxas, the "other hero," with the latest entry in a series that has shipped over 12 million copies worldwide. The first Kingdom Hearts title developed for NDS, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is also the first in the series to feature multiplayer capabilities. Fans can now explore the enchanted Disney worlds alongside friends, choosing to play as any member of Organization XIII, each with their own unique personality and abilities.

Portable and interactive, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days offers a brand-new Kingdom Hearts experience that retains the same enduring charm, storytelling depth and action-packed battle system embraced by gamers across the globe. Experience Kingdom Hearts like never before as the action-RPG series is re-imagined for an exciting new adventure!

In Kingdom Hearts, Sora turned the Keyblade on himself in order to release Kairi's heart, but his own heart was also released in the process. This brought about the creation of Roxas, Sora's Nobody. Unlike most Nobodies, however, Roxas has no memories of his past. He joins Organization XIII and slowly begins to discover the truth behind his existence and the Organization itself. He meets and befriends the fourteenth member of the Organization, who also has no recollection of her past. What will Roxas see during his time in the Organization? What is the connection between him, Sora and the fourteenth member? And what becomes of them? Dive into the heart of the Kingdom Hearts storyline's biggest secrets.

Key Features:

  • Rediscover the familiar action-packed Kingdom Hearts gameplay that has captivated fans worldwide
  • Master the brand-new "Panel System" to customize Roxas's arsenal by placing abilities, items and weapon parts into allotted slots
  • Team up in the series-first multiplayer mode, allowing up to four players to control any Organization XIII member
  • Learn about the origins of the "Organization XIII" name
  • Get to know the members of Organization XIII, including the mysterious fourteenth member
  • Finally experience the Kingdom Hearts storyline's missing chapter

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older), is available at North American retailers for a suggested retail price of $34.99.

Deca Sports 2 (Wii)

Deca Sports 2 features one of the most diverse selections of sport games to date,” said Mike Pepe, Director of Marketing at Hudson Entertainment. “Deca Sports 2 is going to give ‘DECAthletes’ across the country the chance to test each other out with the awesome new online multiplayer mode.”

With the addition of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection online multiplayer, Deca Sports 2 allows players to remotely do battle with other gamers across the country in tennis, ice hockey and dodge ball. The game also features diverse sports such as synchronized swimming, motorcycle road racing, speed skating, mogul skiing and darts, as well as lesser known, but no less exciting, international sports such as petanque and kendo. Gamers will also be able to design their own teams, customizing uniforms, athlete skills and even the looks of the athletes themselves. Deca Sports 2 will truly take the original game’s credo of “the Everybody Sports Game” to the next level.

Obscure: The Aftermath (PSP)

The story of Obscure: The Aftermath follows a group of friends attending Fallcreek University who discover that a mysterious black flower, with addictive hallucinogenic effects, also has the terrifying ability to induce hauntingly vivid dreams.  Soon the students find themselves fighting for their lives—and their sanity—as their nightmares become a horrible reality.

“This is a heart-pumping, thrill-seeking teen horror title that is loaded with dark humor, intense combat and an unusual blend of genuine gore,” said Rogier Smit, executive vice president of Playlogic Entertainment.  “Combine that with stunning visuals, a unique story-driven plot and Obscure: The Aftermath delivers a truly horrific experience that will no doubt send a chill up your spine!”

Heavily inspired by teen-slasher movies, Obscure: The Aftermath is an action-packed title that features an onslaught of gruesome imagery, an awesome hair-raising soundtrack and a 2-player co-op gameplay mode where players can work together to solve puzzles, combat hideous monsters and enjoy a wide variety of deadly weapons all at their disposal for violent experimentation.

Obscure: The Aftermath, developed by Hydravision Entertainment, is rated “M” for Mature and retails for $29.99, and will also be available for download through PlayStationNetwork for PSPgo on Oct. 1, 2009. 

Rapala: We Fish (Wii)

Rapala: We Fish is the first fishing title developed specifically for Wii and the focus is on arcade style laugh-out-loud fun. The game comes packaged with the Rapala fishing rod and reel peripheral, letting players of all ages cast it, crank it, and set the hook.

Players travel to eight locations around the world to compete in 24 tournaments, and it's one laugh after another as you race each other to catch fish that are natural-born comedians. When they land one, the game goes from fishing to bumper boats, featuring turbo speed boosts and power-ups as your "friends" try to knock the fish out of your boat before you get to the safe harbor.

It makes no difference if you are an angler or a gamer - Rapala(R): We Fish offers "pick up and play" fun for anyone and plenty of depth as you improve. Build up your skills with the Rapala rod and reel peripheral and reel in 50 wacky fish species, including enormous Legendary Lunkers. There are five different game modes, including 4-player head-to-head battles and multiplayer modes. You can choose to play as one of five hilarious characters, or even as your favorite Mii.

"We are proud to release such a creative, side-splitting game in a genre ripe for fresh ideas," said David Oxford, Activision Publishing. "Families are going to have an amazing time getting together to play Rapala: We Fish."

Rapala: We Fish is out now for Wii for $39.99 and includes game and Rapala fishing rod and reel peripheral.

The Wizard Of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road (NDS)

Released as RIZ-ZOAWD by D3 Publisher in Japan, The Wizard Of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road is an RPG inspired by the beloved tale of Dorothy and her magical journey through the Land of Oz, revealing a new perspective on what happened after reaching the end of the Yellow Brick Road. 

The Wizard Of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road takes gamers through an all-new take on the trials of Dorothy and her lovely dog, Toto, turning these charming characters into classic RPG heroes. A sudden tornado uproots Dorothy and Toto in one fell gust, only to drop them hours later in an eerie land far from Kansas. It is here that Dorothy learns that the only way to return home is to follow the disembodied voice beckoning her to the end of the Yellow Brick Road. On her journey, Dorothy encounters some unlikely characters that eventually join her in her homeward bound quest.

Dorothy and Toto, joined by their newfound companions – the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man— embark on a trying and obstacle-filled journey to the castle at the end of the Yellow Brick Road. Upon arrival, the group learns from a mysterious wizard that the magical land has been usurped by four evil witches. Dorothy and her cohorts are tasked with defeating the witches, and will earn a trip home in return. But is this new mission and its consequences everything it seems to be?

“We couldn’t be more excited about bringing a twisted new take on a classic tale to the Nintendo DS platform,” stated Jun Iwasaki, President of XSEED Games.  “Together with Warner Bros. Home Video’s release of The Wizard of Oz Ultimate Collector’s Editions on Blu-ray and DVD today, now is an exciting time to be a Wizard of Oz fan.”

The Wizard Of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road presents an unorthodox yet accessible method of gameplay in a beautifully realized 3-dimensional Land of Oz with an original soundtrack. Utilizing the touch screen capabilities of the DS, all actions are completely controlled by the stylus, including Dorothy’s movement and speed which respond to the rotation of a large trackball on the bottom screen that is spun using the stylus. The Wizard Of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road also features turn-based battles from a first-person viewpoint, with multiple customization options allowing the game to recommend the best actions per turn for expedited play, or manual entry for more involved gameplay.

XSEED Games partnered with D3 Publisher to secure the North American rights to publish and distribute The Wizard Of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road. The title was developed by Media.Vision and will be available on store shelves later this week, exclusively for the NDS for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

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