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Tuesday, June 15, 2010 Shipping Announcements

by Judy on June 15, 2010 @ 2:45 p.m. PDT

Another day, another batch of games shipped to stores. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are announcements for:

We will update this throughout the day when new announcements become available. Read more for details ...

Kid Adventures: Sky Captain (Wii)

Kid Adventures: Sky Captain is an action flight game where players can soar through the skies in 40 exciting missions that include aerial racing, stunt flying, target shooting, and much more! Players can also improve their flight skills, scores and rank to unlock unique flying machines such as jet planes and UFOs. At $19.95, Kid Adventures: Sky Captain is a great bargain for the whole family to enjoy at home on Wii. Players compete in many exhilarating missions, from hunting for lost pirate treasures to abducting cows in a UFO, to become Gloster Island's next Sky Captain!

Players will also have the option of inviting a friend to the cockpit and play cooperatively or go head-to-head in multiplayer missions. The game has colorful environments to explore, such as multiple islands, pirate ships, marine life, dinosaurs and more, for players as they perform cool stunts and dart above the landscape, without leaving the comfort of home.

Kid Adventures: Sky Captain is under development by Torus Games and is rated "E."

Naval Assault: The Killing Tide (X360)

As the first game of its kind for a next gen platform, players take the helm of their very own World War II submarine in the raging, war-torn waters of the North Atlantic in order to stop the advance of the fierce Axis forces.

Set in 1943, Naval Assault: The Killing Tide engages players in non-stop combat through lethal deep-sea missions in the North Atlantic. Players join the U.S. Naval submarine fleet in order to stop the spread of Axis forces and turn the killing tide of war. At the helm of various submarines built exclusively for Naval Assault: The Killing Tide, players must use their underwater vessels to seek and destroy enemy aircraft and warships, dodge mines, and intercept communications in order to loosen the hold of the enemy and achieve victory. To conquer the Axis forces, players confront oil tankers, cargo ships, destroyers, frigates, battleships and more. To take control of the North Atlantic, players will need a healthy dose of stealth and cunning, as well as sharp shooting deck gun and torpedo skills to successfully destroy the enemy fleet in 30 single- and multi-player missions.

Naval Assault: The Killing Tide, rated E for Everyone by the ESRB, is now available at retail outlets nationwide for an MSRP of $49.99 for Xbox 360.

Pirates Plundarrr (Wii)

In Pirates Plundarrr, players and up to 3 of their best mates can live the life of a pirate as they battle hordes of baddies in this swashbuckling multiplayer adventure.

Players will fight through menacing areas including a murky swamp, an Aztec temple and a haunted village to ultimately face-off against the evil traitor, Rudebelly, and reclaim their stolen treasure. Pirates Plundarrr boasts a great sense of humor too: would-be pirates can ride warthogs for "drive-by style" attacks, battle hulking slug bosses, turn enemies into bunnies and trigger meat meteor showers that rain down from above. Swashbucklers will take on more than 40 diverse enemies — including skeletons, slimefish, mummies and lots of other nasties — that want to ruin an otherwise pleasant Caribbean adventure.

Thankfully, players can defend themselves with a bounty of weapons, from meat cleavers to flaming axes, or use the environment to their advantage by picking up rocks and barrels to hurl. As players progress, they'll also gain XP points that will earn them perks and upgrades to aid their plundarrr.

Developed by Boomzap, Pirates Plundarrr for Wii is rated E10+ and is now available for the suggested retail price of $19.99.

Storm Over the Pacific (PC)

The creators of WW2: Time of Wrath move to the Pacific theater with Storm over the Pacific. Depicting the epic conflict between Japan and the United States, players choose from 26 available countries with historically accurate orders of battle including land, sea and air units and leaders. Concentrate on directing one country or command several to lead an alliance of nations. Engage in battle over the vast expanse of the Pacific with 16 unit types modeled with an intuitive supply system and governed by realistic and historically accurate weather patterns.

Behind the front lines, players can also manage alliances, monitor economic conditions, and research new technologies. With shrewd management of research resources, players may even embark on a dramatic race to develop Atomic weapons and turn the tide of the war! Even the best laid plans may still falter, though, as hundreds of historical events may occur throughout a campaign, adding the element of surprise and unpredictability that is so commonly found in war.

Storm over the Pacific also sports a configurable user interface that allows you to freely arrange the information and orders panes on the screen. With this sort of freedom, commanding armies and managing nations is easier than ever! Create your own intuitive interface suited to your play style so you can concentrate on plotting to defeat your enemies!

Toy Story 3: The Video Game (NDS/Wii/PSP/PS3/X360/PC)

In Toy Story 3: The Video Game, gamers will have the ability to play their way through the Toy Story universe as Buzz, Woody or Jessie in story lines. Players will also be introduced to aunique Toy Box mode, which allows them to interact with Andy's toys in a malleable open world setting that constantly evolves with the player's actions. The more players use their imagination and create their own story, the more they get rewarded. All play styles are welcome in the game — players can choose to be achievers and complete missions to earn gold and unlockables, explore the deep environments, or customize buildings and townspeople. By purchasing and adding Deluxe Playsets into the Toy Box mode, such as Sid's Haunted House and Lotso's Enchanted Glen, new themed characters, customizations and toys will be added.

In Story mode, players can experience key film moments, interact with new and returning characters, and visit locations seen in the film through a multitude of missions. As missions are completed, players can earn rewards, including gold and new customizations purchased from the toy catalogue. These items can then be used to change and introduce new ways to play in the Toy Box mode.

The PlayStation 3 version allows players to play as the evil Emperor Zurg and is one of the first titles to market featuring games specifically designed to be played with the upcoming PlayStation Move motion controller, scheduled for release this fall.

Offering different feature sets, while still embracing the same characters and settings as the console versions, are the handheld games where the toys journey through the real world and must come up with unique ways to escape hazardous situations. In Playtime mode, which is exclusive to the DS, players can find out what happens when Andy's away and toys decide to have some playtime inspired by the popular tower defense genre. Players will also have the ability to collect prestigious honors and achievements, and gain new costumes and accessories for DGamer avatars.

The PSP system version boasts unique offerings as well, including a battle against the evil Emperor Zurg. Players will also help Sheriff Woody keep the Old West safe in exciting mini-games where they tackle toy-sized challenges in a big, human world. In addition, bonus content can be accessed from the PlayStation Store.

Toy Story 3: The Video Game is now available in retail stores nationwide for Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Windows-based PC/Mac and PSP. The Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows-based PC/Mac versions are rated E10+ by the ESRB, and the DS and PSP iterations are rated E for everyone. The Wii, PlayStation 3 system and Xbox 360 versions have a suggested retail price of $49.99, while the Windows-based PC/Mac, DS and PSP system versions are available for $29.99.

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