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Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! (3DS/NDS)

Best friends Finn and Jake wake up to find that the Ice King has stolen their trash to make a Garbage Princess, and they want to teach him a lesson. Play this offbeat adventure to discover perilous dungeons and unimaginable treasures, while playing as Finn and Jake in a unique action-adventure experience.

Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!! is rated "E10+" for "Everyone age 10 and older" by the ESRB. The standard edition is available for an MSRP of $29.95, and the collector's edition has an MSRP of $39.95.

Assassin's Creed III (PC)

Assassin's Creed III takes gamers from Colonial America across the frontier to the seas and bloody battlefields. Set against the backdrop of the American Revolution in the late 18th century, Assassin's Creed III introduces Ratonhnhaké:ton, who is of Native American and English heritage. He adopts the name Connor and becomes the voice of justice in the war between the Assassins and Templars. Gamers become an Assassin for liberty against tyranny. Additionally, PlayStation 3 owners can enjoy four exclusive missions related to Benedict Arnold.

Assassin's Creed III is rated "M" for "Mature" by the ESRB and is available on the PC for an MSRP of $49.99.

Borderlands 2: Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage DLC (PS3/X360/PC)

Up to four players can cooperatively fight for Torgue Token loot against new enemies. The add-on content campaign features story-driven quests from popular characters, such as Mad Moxxi and Tiny Tina and some new bosses, including Badassaurus Rex, Motor Momma and Pyro Pete.

Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage is the second of four add-on campaigns for Borderlands 2. The four add-on content campaigns are available individually for $9.99/800 Microsoft points or as a combined purchase of the Borderlands 2 Season Pass, which includes almost $40.00 of add-on content for $29.99 (PlayStation Network)/2,400 Microsoft points (Xbox Live)/$29.99 (Windows PC).

Borderlands 2 is rated "M" for "Mature" by the ESRB and is available on Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows PC.

Cities in Motion: London DLC (PC)

Cities in Motion: London introduces new features. The London DLC includes three new scenarios, including London 2012, a challenge where players ensure that the transport system doesn't fall into chaos when the city is overrun with Olympians and their fans. The DLC features new vehicles and monuments. Players can build the London Eye, Tower Bridge and other landmarks.

Cities in Motion: London is available at major digital download portals for PC with an MSRP of $4.99.

Clan of Champions (PSN)

In Clan of Champions, play solo or with/against friends online. Your goal is to become the champion. Alliances will be made and shattered, bonds will be forged and broken. Blast your foes with short-range magic spells or engage in physical combat. Team up with your friends online and take on even more furious battles.

District 187: Sin Streets (PC)

District 187: Sin Streets is a free-to-play FPS that includes the Street Fight clan system. The massive content update introduces more game modes, four maps, new weapons and the in-game cash shop.

To celebrate the launch, District 187 features new game maps, modes and weapons:

  • Shanty Town (Boss Game Mode): SWAT and gangsters go to-to-toe to deal with opposing bosses.
  • Haven (Bomb Game Mode): Bring the street fight to the suburbs, where there's plenty of parking day or night.
  • Downtown (Bomb Game Mode): In this abandoned factory, the safety of precious evidence is at stake as teams practice detonating bombs.
  • The Slums (Night Bomb Game Mode): Grab your flashlight and have a killing spree in the dark. Without the lights, even the most skilled players retool the plan of attack.

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (PS3/X360)

Travel through new settings to save Quahog and stop Bertram, Stewie's nemesis. Playing as either Stewie or Brian, each equipped with special weapons and abilities, gamers encounter Family Guy characters, references and jokes. Fans can invite friends and family to jump in through drop-in/drop-out co-op multiplayer mode and competitive multiplayer challenges.

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse is rated "M" for "Mature" by the ESRB and is available for an MSRP of $59.99

Hitman: Absolution (PS3/X360/PC)

Betrayed by those he once trusted, Agent 47 finds himself at the center of a dark conspiracy and must embark on a journey through a corrupt and twisted world.

Hitman: Absolution introduces Contracts, an online mode that lets gamers create and share custom hit challenges. They choose a level, targets, weapons and then set rules for completing the contract based on time, style and witnesses. Contracts is free of charge for everybody who owns a copy of Hitman: Absolution.

Hitman: Absolution is rated "M" for "Mature" by the ESRB and is available for an MSRP of $59.99.

Hypersonic 4 (PC)

HyperSonic 4 is a high-speed shooting game with lots of missiles and explosions. The player takes on the role of fighter jet pilot through eight single-player missions and five multiplayer deathmatch stages.

HyperSonic 4 is available for Windows from Until the end of November, the title is 60% off ($4).

Persona 4 Golden (PSV)

In the small town of Inaba, a high school student has been sent to live with his uncle when his parents go away on extended business. People begin to turn up dead under mysterious circumstances, and at the center is a strange fog and the bizarre "Midnight Channel" that appears on blank TVs on rainy nights. The kids soon discover that they have the ability to enter a dark, twisted world inside the TV, and they may be the town's only hope of solving the mystery.

Persona 4 Golden includes lots of features and content, including new personas, added player areas and events, a wider variety of difficulty level options, and more cut scenes and character dialogue.

Persona 4 Golden is rated "M" for Mature by the ESRB and is available at MSRP of $39.99 ($69.99 for the Premium Edition).

Planetside 2 (PC)

Players enlist in one of three empires — Terran Republic, New Conglomerate or Vanu Sovereignty — to fight in a war for control of the planet of Auraxis. Players engage in aerial, ground, vehicular and hand-to-hand battles alongside and against thousands of players. Play as one of six classes. Fight for control of key territories and valuable resources. Customize your soldier with an extensive skill tree and free-form class-based system. Build alliances and combat outfits to take on long-term strategic and tactical initiatives.

PlanetSide 2 is available as a "Free-To-Play. Your Way." title on PC via digital download, but a Premium Membership option starts at US $9.99/month. PlanetSide 2 is rated "T" for "Teen" by the ESRB.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PSV/PS3)

In this multiplayer brawler, players can choose characters ranging from action heroes like God of War's Kratos and Uncharted's Nathan Drake to family-friendly faces like LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy and Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale introduces 14 mash-up arenas that combine elements from various PlayStation licenses. The game offers a single-player story campaign, multiplayer free-for-all, multiplayer team battles, and tournament mode.

PS3 and PS Vita players can seamlessly play with their friends through the PlayStation Network (PSN). PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale features Cross-Save functionality, which allows players to save games to the PlayStation Network from their PS3 or PS Vita system and pick up where they left off on either platform.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is rated "T" for "Teen" by the ESRB and is available on PlayStation 3 for an MSRP of $59.99 and PS Vita for an MSRP of $39.99.

Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game (3DS/NDS/Wii/PS3/X360)

Save the hopes, beliefs and imaginations of children all over the world in this multiplayer adventure featuring drop-in, drop-out multiplayer for up to four players on consoles. Play as one of as one of the legendary Guardians, including: Bunnymund (the Easter Bunny), North (Santa Claus), Sandy (the Sandman), Tooth (the Tooth Fairy) and Jack Frost. The Guardians use their customizable attributes — including belief, defense, energy, focus, speed and strength — to help the Guardians take on the evil spirit named Pitch (aka the Boogeyman) and his nightmares.

Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game is rated "E10+" for "Everyone age 10 and older" by the ESRB and is available for an MSRP of $39.95 (PS3/X360) and $29.95 on Wii, Nintendo 3DS and DS.

Sine Mora (PSV/PS3)

Sine Mora is a dieselpunk shoot-'em-up in which time is the ultimate factor. Sine Mora features over 60 combinations of planes, characters and time manipulation devices to complete the beautifully crafted stages with scaling difficulty.

Exclusive to the PlayStation 3 is a skillful Challenge mode that tasks players to test their talents in 1-2 minute challenges that use the Story mode levels. The PlayStation Vita introduces new touch controls, a GPS Unlock Gallery that conveys the player's cumulative progression, and unlockable rewards.

Sine Mora is available on PlayStation Network for $9.99/€9.99.

The Walking Dead: Episode 5 - No Time Left (PS3)

Time is running out, and the odds are stacked against you. Clementine's fate is in your hands. Your cumulative choices lead to the conclusion of the first season of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: Episode 5 - No Time Left is available for $4.99 on PlayStation Network or as part of the $19.99 Season Pass option, which includes all five episodes.

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