'Resident Evil Outbreak' (PS2) - Screens

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Resident Evil Outbreak retains the signature Resident Evil storytelling, visuals, and bone-chilling audio that Capcom's survival-horror fans demand. The game introduces an all-new story, an assortment of new characters, and a large number of non-player characters (NPC's). Scenarios are generated for the player by the game with storylines branching off in new directions based on decisions made. Players can enjoy each character's own storyline, as well as communicate with others.

'UT2003' Tournament Featuring World Champion Gamer Fatal1ty

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Ultimate Arena, Inc. today announced that gamers around the world can try their hand at beating professional gamer and Cyberathlete Professional League champion Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel for prize money in the "Beat Fatal1ty!" event at www.ultimatearena.com. Ultimate Arena is the first service to offer players an online venue to compete against Fatal1ty for cash prizes. Read more for details ...

'Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring' - Screens

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Play the Greatest Story Ever Written . . . The quest to destroy the One Ring continues in the first real-time strategy game based on The Lord of the Rings saga. Massive battles erupt as the peoples of Middle-earth fight for control of Tolkien’s World. Gamers can play as the forces of good and valiantly fight for the One Ring’s destruction or assume command of the forces of evil to claim control over Middle-earth forever. Read more for some new screens ...

'LotR: The Return of the King' (NGC/PS2) - Screens

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EA’s second “The Lord of the Rings” action adventure game, The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King, will allow players to journey through multiple gameplay paths, taking control of the motion picture trilogy’s heroes. Defend the walls of Minas Tirith as Gandalf, raise the Army of the Dead as Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli, and with Frodo and Sam, deliver the ring to the fiery depths of Mount Doom. Read more to check some awesome new screens ...

'Middle-Earth Online' - Screens

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From the far corners of Middle-earth, new adventures come forth to face the growing evil in the East. The forces of Mordor are mobilizing as the Nazgül hunt for the One Ring. The land itself is in peril and its fate lies in the hands of those who possess it. Adventuring alone or in groups, join thousands of players online in the massive world that is Middle-earth. Support the forces of good in an epic struggle to drive back the forces of Sauron. This is Middle-Earth Online, your home in the world of Tolkien. Read more to check some screens ...

'Yager' - German Demo Available NOW

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THQ Germany has released a playable demo of Yager (in German of course) letting you try out their upcoming sci-fi flying action game. The demo (developed by Yager development, how resourceful) contains three missions from the full game (thanks 4players.de). Read more for download links ...

NCsoft To Establish Joint Venture In Taiwan

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NCsoft Corporation has unveiled plans to establish a joint venture, NC Taiwan, with Taiwan's leading game distributor, Gamania. The announcement came during a joint press conference held in Taipei, Taiwan. One of the first products to be distributed by the new venture will be NCsoft's highly anticipated Lineage II. Officials indicated plans to launch beta services for Lineage II in Taiwan by the fourth quarter of this year.

'Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria' - Demo Available NOW

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Ubi Soft has released the European (i guess a US version is expected later) demo for their upcoming turn-based strategy title Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria. The demo features a single map, playable solo or multiplayer, but multiplayer support is limited to play on a single computer (thanks Bluesnews). Read more for download links ...

'TRON 2.0' - In Stores Now

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Gamers and TRON fans alike can now digitize themselves into the world of the computer with Buena Vista Interactive’s TRON 2.0, which debuts today on store shelves across North America. Inspired by TRON, the ground-breaking science-fiction film, TRON 2.0 is a first-person PC game that delivers immersive story-driven gameplay packed with intense action, virtual viral villains and a unique visual style.

'Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc' - Screens

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"Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc allows gamers to relive the tremendous challenge of planning and fighting battles during Medieval Europe," said Trevor Chan, CEO of Enlight. "We are integrating individual battles and military campaigns into the gameplay to provide players with a range of challenges that will test their combat and strategic skills. With a wide variety of medieval weapons and diversified character attributes, Joan of Arc gives players control of their own destiny.".. Enlight today released new screenshots from Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc. The screenshots, which highlight some of the new weaponry, can be viewed below!

Activision Appoints Tim Riley Worldwide Executive Of Music

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Activision announced today that music industry veteran Tim Riley has joined the company as worldwide executive of music. Riley brings to Activision more than 11 years of experience in the music industry and an extensive background in music licensing and supervision. In his new position, Riley will direct all activities concerning the integration of music into the company's games and aggressively seek opportunities to expand Activision's alliances with record labels around the world. Additionally, he will identify, negotiate and secure worldwide music licenses for Activision's products. Supporting Riley in his new role will be Brandon Young who joins Activision as music supervisor and licensing coordinator.

Various Titles From 989 Sports Ships For PS2

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Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today that NCAA GameBreaker 2004 from the 989 Sports development team is now available in stores, marking the highly anticipated launch of the most advanced online-compatible college football game available for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system. With more than 117 teams to choose from, 27 bowl games and more than 50 new animated mascots, cheerleaders, and sideline personnel, NCAA GameBreaker 2004 also features revolutionary online play through 989SportsOnline, allowing gamers to go head-to-head nationwide for college gridiron superiority... They also announced today that NFL GameDay 2004 from the 989 Sports development team is now available in stores for the PlayStation game console and the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system. The latest pro football release from 989 Sports features new Artificial Intelligence technology, the deepest Online Mode ever created for a sports game and all-new player models, presenting the deepest and most authentic gridiron gaming experience available. NFL GameDay 2004 offers football fans of all ages the excitement of true NFL action.

THQ Ships 'Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights' For Xbox

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THQ today announced the release of Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights for the Xbox videogame system from Microsoft. Based on the classic Scooby-Doo! TV series, the game features original characters and villains with the celebrity voice talent of Don Knotts, Tim Conway and Tim Curry. The Xbox version is now available at retail outlets nationwide for a suggested retail price of $19.95. Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights is also available for $19.95 for GameCube and the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system, under the PlayStation 2 Greatest Hits Program.

En Garde: Namco Ships 'SOULCALIBUR II' (XB/NGC/PS2)

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Namco Ltd. announced today that its franchise title, SOULCALIBURII, has shipped to stores nationwide. The highly anticipated sequel to one of the most revered 3D weapons-based fighting games of all time, SOULCALIBURII is now available on the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system, the Nintendo GameCube and the Xbox video game system from Microsoft.

'The Sims Double Deluxe' Announced

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Electronic Arts today announced plans to release this September The Sims Double Deluxe, the ultimate compilation of the top-selling PC franchise, The Sims. The Sims Double Deluxe delivers the original #1 PC game of all time, The Sims, as well as The Sims Livin' Large and The Sims House Party expansion packs all in one value-packed product. With the most Sims content ever assembled in one place, now is the best time to join The Sims phenomenon.

'Pop Idol' (PC/PS2) - Site Launch

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As Pop Idol fever grips the nation, Codemasters has launched a new website for Pop Idol.. Pop Idol – The Official Video Game is coming to PlayStation 2 and PC in November and the website is packed with news, screenshots, downloads and information to keep even the most devoted Pop Idol fan entertained until the game's release... More about it below!

'Mod-Chip Case' Lik Sang To Pay Compensation To Sony

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Due to the latest international legal developments surrounding Mod Chips and similar devices, and for financial reasons, Lik Sang International Limited signed an Acknowledgement and Undertaking which includes a one time compensation payment to Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

'Looney Tunes: Back In Action' (PS2/NGC) - Screens

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Looney Tunes: Back In Action is a video game to be released on multiple platforms day and date with the upcoming live action feature film starring the Looney Tunes characters. The partnership marks the first time Warner Bros. Consumer Products has partnered to co-publish a video game title. UK-based Warthog is developing the game based on the film, which will debut in November 2003. Check out these new screens ...

Daily Dose Of Boring Q&As

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X3D Man vs Machine

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X3D Technologies today announced the ultimate "X3D Man vs. Machine" contest, as Garry Kasparov takes on X3D Fritz in virtual reality, with the chessboard floating in the air between man and computer. This historic match will mark the marriage between the most dominant chess program and the most powerful 3D software to challenge the greatest chess brain of all time. Kasparov will neither touch nor move the pieces as the voice activated X3D Fritz works its magic to create the ultimate 3D experience. Spectators will be treated to the latest in cutting edge technology as they watch the entire virtual reality experience on the X3D Displays.