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PS2 Review - 'Persona 4'

by Chris "Atom" DeAngelus on Dec. 9, 2008 @ 4:03 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

Larger, deeper, and loaded with thrills, Persona 4 delivers an all-new story set in the Japanese countryside. A mysterious chain of deaths remains unanswered and only you and your team of gifted supernatural sleuths can uncover the truth. Will you thwart this hidden evil before it is too late?

Xbox 360 Review - 'Prince of Persia'

by Chris "Atom" DeAngelus on Dec. 8, 2008 @ 1:24 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

Prince of Persia is opening a new chapter in the Prince of Persia universe, featuring a new breed of gameplay. The game is poised to rejuvenate the action-adventure genre in addition to introducing a brand-new illustrative art style.

Xbox 360 Review - 'Sonic Unleashed'

by Chris "Atom" DeAngelus on Nov. 27, 2008 @ 7:11 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

Everyone's favorite hedgehog will be breaking new ground yet maintaining his roots, in the upcoming title, Sonic Unleashed, taking players on an unforgettable high-speed journey around the globe in a way never before experienced in the world of Sonic.

PS3/X360 Review - 'Mirror's Edge'

by Chris "Atom" DeAngelus on Nov. 17, 2008 @ 2:40 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

Mirror's Edge is a first-person action adventure game where you are Faith, a 'runner' framed for murder in a world where communication channels are highly monitored and the movement of human traffic is closely watched.

PS2 Preview - 'Ar tonelico 2'

by Chris "Atom" DeAngelus on Nov. 12, 2008 @ 9:00 a.m. PST | Filed under Previews

Ar tonelico 2 is an RPG that seamlessly combines simulation with role-playing, allowing gamers to not only customize weapons and items, but now design their character’s personalities, skills, and appearance through virtual interaction. Also past events will intersect with future game play as well as the outcome of the game.

PS3/X360 Review - 'Spider-Man: Web of Shadows'

by Chris "Atom" DeAngelus on Nov. 10, 2008 @ 4:36 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

A deadly symbiote invasion brings total devastation to the streets of New York City in the next Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, where players have ultimate control over the city’s salvation and Spider-Man's destiny.

NDS Review - 'Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia'

by Chris "Atom" DeAngelus on Nov. 9, 2008 @ 7:45 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

You play as a member of the Ecclesia, an organization that has sworn to defeat the evil forces of Dracula. Use the brand new Glyph attack system which has more than 100 different combinations to battle Dracula and his minions throughout 20 explorable areas, intense side quests and collect items to power up your character.

Xbox 360 Review - 'Tom Clancy's EndWar'

by Chris "Atom" DeAngelus on Nov. 5, 2008 @ 9:00 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

Set on the battlefields of World War III, Tom Clancy's EndWar is a next-gen console exclusive war strategy game that will push the envelope of technology, showcasing AI, graphics, physics and animations that were not possible before.

PS2 Review - 'Dokapon Kingdom'

by Chris "Atom" DeAngelus on Nov. 3, 2008 @ 3:37 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

Atlus U.S.A.'s Dokapon Kingdom is an addictive multiplayer RPG where the King of Dokapon has offered you his throne; all he asks for in return is that you dispose of an invading horde of thieving monsters. Trouble is - you’re not the only one he asked.

NDS Preview - 'Moon'

by Chris "Atom" DeAngelus on Oct. 29, 2008 @ 9:00 a.m. PDT | Filed under Previews

Moon is a sci-fi, action-adventure title, placing gamers on the cold lunar surface in the year 2058. Researchers are shocked to find a sealed, alien hatch during construction of a new lunar base, but it's a shock that soon pales in comparison to what they find beyond the hatch.