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The Troma Project Facts

by Thomas on Oct. 10, 2001 @ 9:33 p.m. PDT

We did post up some great screens from this upcoming turn-based strategy game before today. Now we bring you all the facts from the game..


First "The Manhattan Project"… …then "The Human Genome Project"… …and now


After 15 months of development, the first un-PC (as in politically correct) PC (as in personal computer) game featuring Troma's superheroes "The Toxic Avenger", "Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD" and "Bullimia" is ready to Tromatize personal computers everywhere.

"The Troma Project" is a turn-based strategy game, consisting of 7 chapters with over 10 missions. In time-honored Troma fashion, "The Troma Project" delivers head-crushing mayhem and joystick-stiffening sex, but with a development budget lower than what most game teams spend on coffee and Ephedrine. Achim Heidelauf (creator of the game), Lloyd Kaufman (President of Troma Entertainment and creator of the Toxic Avenger), and Rafal Walczowski (head of Nekrosoft) have created a mind-blowing, high-tech strategy game with 20 hours of gameplay…with almost no budget at all! It can be done and "The Troma Project" shows you how!

Problems with USK (the German computer games ratings board) sent the Troma Team back to the drawing board to develop the "Rated" (or "Raped") version of "The Troma Project" to win an 18+ (mature) rating. But German gamers can look forward to extra educational bonus material unavailable on the unrated version, as Lloyd Kaufman explains how Troma makes its great, cost-effective splatter effects (and how they differ from what the whole family can enjoy on the afternoon news!).

Three versions of "The Troma Project" are available: the ESD version at coming soon (about 550 megs), the "Unrated 2CD version" which will be distributed by Troma Entertainment, Inc. ( and the "Raped 2CD version" which will be distributed by KS Multimedia, part of PigBen Interactive Germany.




  • Turn-based strategy featuring "The Toxic Avenger" and "Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD"
  • Seven chapters with more than 10 indoor and outdoor missions taking place in Tromaville, Germany, Motumbuland and other weird places all over the world
  • Dozens of weapons, drugs, computergames and other useful items
  • More than 30 songs featuring "Nevermore" (No.1 in Germany, Metalband of the year in various magazines), the great "Loose Nuts" from New York and many more.
  • Over 45 minutes of kick-ass-quality videos featuring the "Hummus Psa" movie with Lemmy from Motörhead and the creators of SouthPark, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, a Nevermore music video and tons of more tromatic material!
  • Special Features Section on CD2 including three complete interactive comic books, erotic Tromette galleries, Lloyd Kaufman's essays and letters, Stories & more

Minimum System Requirements:
PentiumII 200, 32 MB Ram, 750 MB HD

PentiumIII 450, 64 MB Ram, 1,1 GB HD

Check out our screens posted before today right here

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