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March 2024


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WorthPlaying is looking for volunteer reviewers to strengthen our review staff ... APPLY NOW!

Once again we are expanding our review staff and are looking for several additional volunteer reviewers who are interested in contributing to the continuing success and growth of WorthPlaying. As the web site grows, more review material is being received, and our current staff is buried in games. We're trying to prevent them from drowning, and that's where you come in!

People who have the time, resources and motivation to make in-depth reviews are strongly encouraged to apply. This is volunteer work, not a paying job, so keep that in mind.

We have a shortage of game reviewers, so if you love video games and are an able writer, . Include past experience (if any) and include writing samples if you have them handy. We'll take it from there. If your e-mail submission doesn't have the subject line of "WorthPlaying Volunteer", it can get lost in the spam-zapping shuffle, so please leave the subject line intact.

If you think you possess other qualities that could assist our cause, feel free to drop us an e-mail.