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by Thomas on Oct. 23, 2001 @ 5:38 p.m. PDT

Disney’s Extremely Goofy Skateboarding Slams Onto the Streets this Autumn...

Disney’s wackiest character, Goofy, takes skateboarding to an awesome new level in Disney’s Extremely Goofy Skateboarding. Released by Disney Interactive on 9 November, kids aged 6 – 9 can get to grips with some of the hottest and most impressive skateboarding moves around with this fast-paced, 3D, X-treme skateboarding PC CD-ROM. Set at a difficulty level just right for junior players, Goofy or his son Max, will teach kids all sorts of complex manoeuvres such as ollies, backside tailslides and kick flips! PC skateboarding is no longer just for adults!

Whether a skateboarding pro or a gnarly novice, the game’s Tutorial will prepare players with all the necessary skills to take the streets by storm. Gamers choose either Goofy or Max to be their skateboarding guru and kit them out in their funky skateboarding gear. They will take players through the basic moves all the way up to the more challenging stunts by showing them which keys to press and what the stunts should look like.

Once the budding boarders have learnt the basics, it’s time to hit the streets! In Shred Session, gamers choose one of four unique worlds to really put their moves to the test. Players cruise through Beach Front, Urban, Southwestern Desert or Suburban, picking up valuable coins and tokens as they go. Nifty tricks and moves are rewarded with extra points. Once players have grabbed everything on the street and knocked over a few fire hydrants, it’s time to head on to the next level.

Next is the Agility Mode! Here, the player’s skateboarding ability is pushed to the limit as Goofy or Max set a series of challenges in three radical tasks. Points are given in Points Blast for each trick the player manages to perform. The tricks get harder as the player moves on but the harder the trick the higher the points awarded. In Maximum, players have to keep on Max’s skateboarding line, making sure that they tag the same objects that Max grabs. In the final demanding task, gamers have to complete a series of missions in the right order if they want to move onto the ultimate level!

Players are definitely on a roll if they made it to the Expression Session! They can only get to this bonus mode once they’ve made it through one of the four worlds. Set in an awesome half-pipe, players must perform the coolest and hardest tricks to get any points here. But to make things that little bit more difficult they have to do it in a time limit! Plus, the pressure’s on as there’s an excited crowd of spectators to cheer or boo their every trick. And should the player want to show off in front of his/her mates, this session has a two-player mode!

Players who just like to chill on their board can head into Free Skate where you they just cruise through the four worlds with no objectives. The Free Skate also gives boarders the chance to brush up on their stunts and polish their skills, so that they can make sure their moves are tip top before heading off for the demanding challenges!

Disney’s Extremely Goofy Skateboarding is available on PC CD-ROM, Windows® 95 and 98, and will be released on 9 November 2001 with a recommended retail price of £19.99.

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