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The Shadow of Zorro Interview & Screens

by Thomas on Oct. 3, 2001 @ 1:49 p.m. PDT

Who are these masked developers? Well find out more below. We posted up an interview with FRÉDÉRIC RESSAIRE, project manager of in Utero.

What editorial choices did you make for the game?

Zorro mixes adventure and action. But it's obvious that each new game will be different according to the desire and skills of the player. The adventure corresponds to where the hero goes, what he observes, the puzzles he solves and traps he gets out of. As for the action, there are the sword fights that no self-respecting hero could do without. All this is woven around a scenario like that of a TV series. We also decided to develop the game in real time 3D because we thought this would be the best way to allow players to truly live the adventure.

Is the décor an important element?

The player will be plunged into the Zorro universe. Like a super hero, Zorro has a public and a private life. We've focused on the private life. Therefore, the game usually takes place at night. Moreover, since this fits in so well with Zorro's style ("A knight surging forth from the depths of the night…"), we directed the game towards the idea of discretion and secretiveness. What better person to disappear in the shadows? A hero dressed in black: it's Zorro!

What difficulties did you encounter in adapting a major myth into a video game? How did you get around these problems?

It's true that we're talking about a strong identity, a myth, and so it's important that the players recognise the hero, their hero. This is why we watched everything, and why we read and listened as much as possible. We wanted to immerse ourselves in the world of Zorro. This relied on the sensitivity of everyone on the team.

The next step was to translate these impressions into words, and then drawings, models and integration. It involved real teamwork. We also had to draw on our own imagination to create a modern setting while respecting Zorro's era. We had to come up with an original story that would give players the impression they were experiencing a real adventure.

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