Max Payne

Platform(s): Game Boy Advance, PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Genre: Action
Publisher: Gathering of Developers
Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Release Date: July 23, 2001 (US), July 27, 2001 (EU)


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Max Payne wins BAFTA PC Games Award

by Thomas on Oct. 30, 2001 @ 6:08 p.m. PST

Max Payne chronicles a lone man's nightmarish journey to the darkest depths of the criminal underworld in order to avenge the murders of his loved ones and make sense of a twisting web of betrayal and conspiracy.

The BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards are Europe's top recognition for interactive entertainment. The game industry is comparable in size to the film industry and the BAFTA awards are considered by many to be the Oscars of games. The selection committee is comprised of key industry figures and is highly respected by those in the field.

"We have been thrilled with Max Payne's critical acclaim and commercial success. We are very pleased that Max Payne has received this award from BAFTA. It is wonderful to see that our work has been appreciated by the industry as well." Commented Petri Järvilehto, Max Payne's project lead.

"We have had the privilege and pleasure of working with a great team but our partners deserve a lot of credit as well. Our publisher, Take Two has shown tremendous dedication and professionalism. George Broussard and Scott Miller at 3D Realms have been a driving force. Without them this would not have been possible," said Matias Myllyrinne, Remedy's Business and Finance Director.

"Looks like four years of dedicated, passionate work paid off," said Scott Miller, CEO of 3D Realms Entertainment, "and I couldn't be more proud of The entire Remedy team for their tremendous, talented effort in raising the Bar for 3D action games. This is an award they truly deserve."

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