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Penny Racers (PS2) Announced

by Thomas on Oct. 5, 2001 @ 12:23 p.m. PDT

Midas Interactive is glad to announce their plans to release 'Penny Racers™' on PlayStation 2 in November 2001. Read pressrelease below and we also have five screenshots, a pack shot and a whole bunch of box-out friendly car pics.

Penny Racers

Penny Racers is a welcome addition to Midas' PlayStation 2 portfolio, which already boasts Dynasty Warriors 2; in the charts since November; and with both Operation WinBack and Robot Warlords due for release shortly.

Based on the old pull back and let fly toys, Penny Racers™ offers 26 fun and challenging circuits in Grand Prix mode with over 102 vehicles to choose from. Practise to perfection in six open circuits and advance to gain one of three driving licences to open up new vehicles and new circuits. Once you have chosen from the 102 vehicles available to you throughout the game, go to the garage and tune up your motor. The garage modes' choices are endless with over 125 customised parts available. Participate and succeed in the races and more options are available to you. Do well and your car will fly…literally.

In exchange for success you are financially rewarded. Spend your money wisely and you will have the car of your dreams, and if that means a 4WD in Black with Pink polka dots then so be it! Compete against three of your mates in the multi-player mode adding another dimension to this exciting game.

Penny Racers™ will have you driving on land, through water and through the air and is a challenging and all round good fun affair. Penny Racers™ will be hitting the shelves in August at the great price of £29.99.


  • 102 Vehicles to choose and race against
  • 124 customised parts to choose from
  • 26 different circuits to race
  • Multi-player mode for up to four players
  • Three different driving licences to gain
  • 11 different bodywork/tuning shops
  • Drive on land, through water and fly
  • Grand Prix and practise mode


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