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Silent Hill 2 exclusive box set

by Peter on Oct. 5, 2001 @ 4:08 p.m. PDT

Konami announces that Silent Hill 2 will be released with an extra DVD packed with a host of goodies for your delectation.

Extra chills with Silent Hill 2 as exclusive box set is confirmed

Features include the "Making of Silent Hill 2" documentary, providing over half an hour of footage, produced by Fun TV France, with in depth interviews with the designers and programmers behind the world's most chilling adventure.

Other features include biographies of the teams, an art gallery with new artwork and previously unreleased drawings, and credits and trailers for Silent Hill 2 featuring an unseen remix of the soundtrack cut together in the style of a disturbing music video with the soundtrack remixed by Skeewif.

Trailers for forthcoming releases such as Pro Evolution Soccer and the hugely anticipated Metal Gear Solid 2 will also be included on the disc.

In addition to the extra DVD, a set of four limited edition collectable colour stickers are being created using exclusive artwork from the game, one of which will be randomly inserted into each pack.

Silent Hill 2 has been given the special treatment in all areas - even the design of the box is a little bit special! It will be packaged as a collectable DVD, which makes it the first PS2 title ever to be packaged in a cardboard Digi Pak.

The two DVD's will be mounted on clear plastic with the eerily stunning artwork behind. Unconventional PS2 packaging for an unconventional PS2 game, but still an object of desire.

Confirmed for release on 23rd November 2001, Silent Hill 2 will carry a BBFC 15 certificate and a RRP of £44.99.


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