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Shadow Hearts (PS2) Gamestory & Screens

by Thomas on Nov. 19, 2001 @ 12:01 p.m. PST

Shadow Hearts is a turn-based Role Playing Game (RPG) that combines a haunting storyline with a unique battle system that is user controlled. Taking place during the early 20th century, the story starts with a young girl named Alice Eliot - the daughter of an expert exorcist - being transported by the Japanese imperial army to China on a train.

Powerful magician Roger Bacon is on the same train, with the intention of kidnapping her because he believes she is the key to his master plan to unlock ancient secrets that'll destroy the earth. Enter Urm Hyuga, the son of a Japanese soldier who died in battle 15 years ago. He is a harmonixer - a man with the ability to morph into different creatures. Guided by a mysterious female voice, he rescues Alice, foiling the kidnapping attempt. Players will journey through China and Europe to uncover the evil scheme of Roger and his minions, as well as unravel the many mysteries surrounding the unique Shadow Heart's characters.

The journey begins…the pursuit is on…and the story unfolds…

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