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Conflict Zone (PS2) Facts & Screens

by Peter on Nov. 29, 2001 @ 7:45 p.m. PST

In a not too far future a great majority of countries has decided to unit themselves in order to warrant peace. This organism is called the ICP (which stands for the International Corps for Peace). Some countries stayed independent but quickly many conflicts arouse. Sounds interesting? Well full article below with screens!

A secret organism called GHOST is indeed creating crisis to serve its economic purposes without paying any moral consideration to its consequences. Soon the ICP appears to be the only force to counter them and to set a new world-wide equilibrium...

In Conflict Zone, you can either play the ICP camp or the one of GHOST and enter in the core of international conflicts to bring back peace. You'll have to deal with realistic war conditions, keeping in mind consequence of your acts and influence of the media. You have 17 missions to complete in 2 campaigns (ICP or GHOST) and 65 different units (building + fighting forces) to command per camp. 20 multi-player maps planned.

PS2 special:
The PC interface and controls have been though and reworked to allow an easy control with a PS2 pad


An original gameplay for RTS game

The resource management system wants to be a realistic though simplified system. You do not seek scarce and odd resources such as tiberium but instead you earn popularity points (according to your actions) that will enable you to build special units (logical to think the best units will follow the most charismatic leader) and will condition the rate at which you earn money. But of course people have to be aware of your actions for you to be popular. Hence media are very important, they report your actions (good or bad) and let you earn popularity points (one could think that people will be sensitive to our problems and would pressure governments to vote higher budget for us).

Media when playing with ICP: Media are omniscient. They report what you are doing, then influence your popularity points (well or bad) and finally your credits. Protecting/Rescuing civilians influence popularity.

Media when playing with GHOST: You have to build your own media center, and ask your media to film when you're beating your enemies. Doing so you win popularity points.

Commanders who can manage tasks you find boring or you do not have time to do. They will automatically learn to play like you and will adapt their actions in the most efficient way possible. The use of commanders is a very innovative feature in RTS games. Their role is to command a part of the player's army, so that players can focus their attention on global strategy, or deal personally with a particular action without worrying about the rest of their troops. The player can have up to 4 commanders. 5 typical missions can be assigned to a commander:
- Ground assault & melee combat: i.e Attack an enemy base
- Defence
- Intelligence operations and commandos actions: i.e Infiltrate an enemy building
- Air attacks
- Developing a base

Adaptative AI

The level of difficulty of the game is determined by the way you play the game

The opponent learns from how you've played : the same strategy does not work forever

The commanders have an evolving way to behave and are differently adapted to a specific mission

Intelligence is the core of the game where the player is to be smart. The AI reacts cleverly to the way the player acts, both for opponents and player's own units


Full 3D game with great detailed graphics

Everything is designed for maximum readability of the units and land

Realistic environment (four generic types of lands: temperate, tropical, snowy, deserted), real military units

Like in today's conflict you cannot win without the media's support / Civilians need to be taken into account

Military victory isn't always sufficient to earn you mission success.

First RTS where military power is only a part of the equation


For Hard-core gamers Modern war rules where public opinion is more important than weapons

New management of the resources : collecting resources isn't sufficient for victory you'll have to elaborate strategies to achieve your various goals, you'll have to fight wisely.

More strategic aspects as usual with more parameters to manage : military goals of course but now media and civilians take an important part too.

A completely new way of playing, an adaptive AI

The opponent learns how you play : it adapts itself to your level, you may not be able to deceive it with the same strategy ever.

The player has commanders to help him : they learn how the player play and afterwards react like they think the player would : being aggressive, using units massively or leading commando actions.

Commanders can take charge of parts of the game so that you'll be able to concentrate on areas you prefer.

A great life length

As the game evolves through time, the player must constantly evolve to defeat the computer.

For Casual gamers Modern war rules

NGO and media participate to the solving of the conflict, as in real life.

Human beings and civilians really are in the game, not only military units are concerned

Public opinion and media are a major part of the equation of a conflict

Easy access game that adapts to the player, and a known universe

AI adapts its level of play to the player

The world takes its inspiration from the reality : the player recognises easily what he sees on the screen


Great details even when you are zooming on your units, damages are rendered in real time.

The 3D engine can be adapted to the computer so that the game can be played on low configuration systems.



Peace cannot be obtained without media support.

Military victory isn't always sufficient to earn you success.

Adaptative AI

The level of difficulty of the game is determined by the way you play the game : from hard-core gamers to beginners.

The opponent learns from how you've played : the same strategy does not work for always.

New gameplay

Commanders to manage that automatically learn to play like you and become your team mates.

65 different units by faction (buildings included) that are lead by the commanders or by the player.

New resource management: media to manage providing popularity points that gives budget and technologies.

The commanders have an evolving way to behave and are differently adapted to a specific mission.


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