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by Thomas on Nov. 8, 2001 @ 11:41 a.m. PST

Digital Worldwide Prepares to Launch GBA Version of Phenomenal Puzzler.

Listen carefully and you’ll hear the sound of millions of Game Boy Advances clattering to the ground, as owners of the handheld wonder raise their thumbs skywards in delight. The reason? Digital Worldwide will shortly be releasing the amazing handheld version of Snood, the global puzzle game phenomenon.

Available on GBA on November 30th 2001, price £34.99, Snood is an addictive puzzle game, variations of which have been released on PC, Macintosh and Palm OS.

Starting life in 1996 as a Shareware project by American geology professor David Dobson, it has since been downloaded and registered by millions of players worldwide, and boasts a thriving online community.

The concept of Snood is simple. Thousands of trapped Snoods must be rescued by connecting groups of three similar creatures together. Once linked, Snoods parachute to safety, freeing any little critters they are close to. As the game progresses, additional traps and puzzles make each level increasingly challenging – and with 100 puzzles to negotiate, Snood offers a huge amount of gameplay.

The GBA version features a two-player mode which for the first time pits Snood players against each other. Also, new Snoods appear for the first time on any format – making this a must for keyboard-bound Snood fans. Additional modes include a classic Marathon-style mode, a Puzzle mode, a Time Attack, and the Journey mode, where players attempt the hundred-odd puzzles in order.

Published by Digital Worldwide and licensed from Destination Software Inc., Snood has been developed for Game Boy Advance by Rebellion Studios.

Snood GBA will be published by Digital Worldwide, on November 30th, price £34.99.

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