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by Peter on Dec. 10, 2001 @ 11:41 a.m. PST

3DO Signs Interactive Publishing Deal for Cubix : Robots For Everyone with 4Kids Entertainment, the creators of Pokemon. 3DO Europe today announced an agreement to license interactive publishing rights for 4Kids Entertainment’s hot new property, Cubix - Robots For Everyone, a new CGI animated series launching in February on Cartoon Network.

Under the terms of the agreement, 3DO has acquired the worldwide rights, excluding Asia and the Middle East, to develop, publish and distribute interactive games based on Cubix: Robots for Everyone. 3DO has the rights to create Cubix games across all gaming platforms.

“4Kids Entertainment has a stellar track record of licensing the properties that kids want,” stated Trip Hawkins, President and CEO of The 3DO Company. “We’re excited to be in at the ground level for what should be the hottest new kid’s brand this Christmas.”

“We are pleased to be working with one of the top producers of video games in the industry. We look forward to seeing the unique CGI animated graphics of Cubix translated into videogames,” stated Al Kahn, Chairman and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment Inc.

Set in the future, Cubix - Robots For Everyone takes place in Bubble Town where robots are a part of everyday life. The animated series follows the adventures of a boy named Connor and his robot pal, Cubix, along with a cast of both human and robot friends. They embark on numerous adventures as they attempt to repair damaged robots and ward off their evil nemesis, Dr. K.

The computer game builds on the animated series with Cubix – Robots for Everyone: Race ‘n Robots. In Race ‘n Robots, players can take part in heated Bubble Town races as their favourite series character including Mozzarelix, Maximix, Dondon, Propelix, and of course Cubix himself. For a personalized feel, gamers can upgrade their rides by purchasing “Grav-grip” to help manoeuvre through curves, the “Zero-G engine” to give racers maximum top speed and much more. During a race, players can collect Solex for an added power boost and cameras to unlock a photo gallery featuring the beloved characters in town.

Cubix – Robots for Everyone: Race ‘n Robots will be published by 3DO Europe for PlayStation, PC CD-ROM and Game Boy Color in March 2002.

A further Cubix – Robots for Everyone title will also become available for Game Boy Advance in March 2002.

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