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by Peter on Dec. 11, 2001 @ 6:14 p.m. PST

Bigben Interactive, Europe's leading independent interactive distributor, today announced a new price point for Sega's 128bit next generation online gaming console, the Dreamcast. With immediate effect the Dreamcast will retail everywhere in stores at £69.99.

Along with the Dreamcast, customers will receive a free copy of Yu Suziki's pioneering fighting game, 'Virtua Fighter 3' or one of the most credible releases on the Dreamcast so far, the best selling Sega developed, 'Jet Set Radio'.

The new bundle offer will join Bigben's other Dreamcast initiative, the 'Ultimate Dreamcast Pack' on the shelves of High Street and Independent stores around the UK. The 'Ultimate Dreamcast Pack', priced at £99 consists of the Dreamcast, Visual Memory Unit and controller plus 'Virtua Fighter 3', 'Metropolis Street Racer' and 'Jet Set Radio' is currently doing brisk business at retail with consumers responding positively to the value for money on offer.

Commenting on the new price point, Bigben's Sega General Manager, Alison Collins, said, "By initiating this lower price point for the Dreamcast we are able to offer consumers superb value for money this forthcoming Christmas Season. For £69.99, consumers will be able to experience the world's first next generation online gaming console plus a best selling Sega title. The only thing that betters this for value for money in the current console market is our 'Ultimate Dreamcast Pack' which will still be available in all stores at £99.99."

With the Dreamcast now available at £69.99 the Sega experience will now become more accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds across the nation. With a rich back catalogue of critically acclaimed software to dip into, including 'Quake 3', 'Shenmue 1& 2' and 'Sonic Adventure 2' plus current releases 'Virtua Tennis 2' and 'Headhunter' and the highly anticipated online sequel, 'Phantasy Star Online V2.0', those experiencing the Dreamcast for the first time as well as those who are already familiar with it's delights are sure to be in for a highly enjoyable future.

Dick Francis, Managing Director of Bigben Interactive, commenting on the price initiatives said, "Our respect for the Dreamcast and it's software is of the highest order which is why we signed up to distribute it's range of hardware and software. We want to take the machine and it's capabilities to the broadest possible market place for everybody to enjoy. These superb bundle offerings allow us to do just that and provide phenomenal value for money to consumers this Christmas and onwards."

Bigben Interactive Dreamcast Release Schedule 2001 /02

Out Now - 90 Minutes
Out Now - Headhunter
Out Now - Virtua Tennis 2
Out Now - Floigan Brothers
Out Now - Shenmue 2
11th Jan - REZ
8th Feb - NBA 2K2
Feb - Phantasy Star Online V2.0
TBC - Cannon Spike
TBC - Heavy Metal Geomatrix

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