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Extreme Ghostbusters GBA Press & Screens

by Thomas on Dec. 12, 2001 @ 11:43 a.m. PST

Starting in March 2002, the Extreme Ghostbusters are preparing for a battle against ectoplasmic invasions in “Extreme Ghostbusters Code Ecto-1” on Game Boy™ Advance!

The famous Extreme Ghostbusters™ have taken the Game Boy™ Advance by storm!

The Extreme Ghostbusters, the ghost hunters of New York, will have to act quickly. Dark forces led by the half-human/half-demon Count Mercharior, have kidnapped Roland and Garett, two key members of the team. Without losing a second, the intrepid Eduardo and Kylie set off to find them, determined to capture ghosts who have come to invade the city .

“Extreme Ghostbusters™: Code Ecto-1” is a game subtly combining platform, shooting phases and car races along the streets of the Big Apple.

- Set off on an adventure through four huge worlds of New York: The Broadway Star Theater, the Cemetery, the Botanical Museum and a skyscraper.

You can play the role of the young and rebellious Eduardo, or Kylie, an expert in supernatural phenomena, at any moment during the game. To discover the truth, you will need to find the pieces of various puzzles - precious clues - that are hidden in every level.

Armed with a proton pistol, you will have to eliminate the scary ghosts from the beyond that are scattered along your way, and to free secret passages. You should handle your bonuses carefully during the shooting phases so that you can customise your proton weapons, recover energy, and acquire bombs and ghost traps! Watch out! To be able to save Garett and Roland, you will need to keep enough strength to face the fearsome Bosses and the ultimate Count Mercharior.

- Drive the famous Ecto-1 ambulance, seen from above, to reach your mission directly between each level … A completely new way of playing on Game Boy™ Advance!

Your driving skills will be put to the test and you will have to find your way around the endless streets of New York. Be careful, time is limited. Get help from your wonderful PKE meter to guide you through dark streets and avoid obstacles!

Ghosts are in for a really tough time with the return of the Extreme Ghostbusters ™ on Game Boy™ Advance!


-The entire universe and characters of the animated series in a new adventure!
-12 platform levels through 4 gigantic worlds
-4 exhilarating car races across New York (seen from above)
-2 amiable characters to play at any moment during the game: Eduardo and Kylie, each with their own features
-3 puzzles per world to collect
-The formidable ultra-sophisticated equipment that has earned the reputation of the animated series (up to 4 levels of customization for each character)
-3 terrifying bosses to confront.

Extreme Ghostbusters™ is the animated cartoon series based on the Ghostbusters™ movie, one of the biggest successes in movie history. The Extreme Ghostbusters™ series have been showing all over the world since 1997. The Ghostbusters franchise has to date generated more than 300 million dolllars worldwide.

Release date: March 2002

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