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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault demo screens

by Thomas on Dec. 15, 2001 @ 8:57 p.m. PST

There aint so much new news on the gamefront this weekend so far, so we grabbed the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault demo and played around with it a while. The game "demo" looks pretty awesome and we also snapped some screens from it that you can check out below!

Another WWII game, once again !! Well i dont know what to say but havent we seen enough of these games lately? Nothing wrong with the concept but i think that too many games base themselves on the WWII. Why not bring in a WWI theme? Or why dont game developers use their imagination and build a game like Quake1 (still the most original out of the 3) but with new and bright ideas? Seems like most developers are milking the WWII cow. Do not get me wrong, this title is FAR from bad and its pretty cool, but i hope to see some improvements in the finished product.

Grab this 133 Mb demo here:, spelletjesgarnaal or Blueyonder ..

More links for the demo is available here!

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