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Max Payne

Platform(s): Game Boy Advance, PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Genre: Action
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: Rockstar Games
Release Date: Dec. 6, 2001 (US), Jan. 11, 2002 (EU)


Max Payne Hits Three Leading Edge Platforms.

by Thomas on Dec. 18, 2001 @ 7:07 p.m. PST

Max Payne chronicles a lone man's nightmarish journey to the darkest depths of the criminal underworld in order to avenge the murders of his loved ones and make sense of a twisting web of betrayal and conspiracy.

The Playstation2 version is scheduled to be available in Europe on January 11th. The XBOX version will naturally be available in Europe when the XBOX console itself is launched in Europe later in the spring 2002.

"Max Payne comes home" says Petri Järvilehto from Remedy Entertainment. When developing Max Payne for the PC, we noticed how Max is the perfect console game and from that point on in the development, we took great care to see that the console-style gaming stays in. This is now evident in the simple and effortless, but yet effective interface and control system of the console versions. We are very happy with how both of the platform versions turned out - they are tuned to take advantage of the unique features and strengths of the respective platform to bring out the things that made Max Payne such a success. Console-gamers will get to enjoy: bullet time (TM) enhanced action-packed game-play and a roller coaster of a storyline. I think Max Payne is the first title to ship on these three major platforms."

Max Payne had a sensational debut on the PC platform in August, winning high praise from gamers and the press alike, with a staggering list of 90% or better review ratings, many "Game of the Year" recommendations (including's "Editor's pick of the Year"), the BAFTA award for "Best PC Game of the Year," and acclaim for introducing the innovative Bullet-Time slow-motion gameplay to industry.

The Playstation2 version was developed in co-operation with Rockstar Games in Canada, while the XBOX version was developed with Neo Software in Austria. Both versions will be published by Take 2 Interactive.

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