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by Patrick on Dec. 21, 2001 @ 1:05 p.m. PST

Scandinavian team takes the honours in blueyonder multiplayer gaming’s inaugural Return to Castle Wolfenstein tournament.

With the dust finally settled from its inaugural Return to Castle Wolfenstein tourney, Telewest’s blueyonder multiplayer gaming team is pleased to announce that the winner’s crown has been awarded to a Swedish ‘clan’, SNAPS.

Arranged and executed within weeks of the game’s retail launch, this event was the first RTCW tourney in the UK - and may even have been the first globally. The Wolf Weekend promotion saw 70 blueyonder servers in a almost constant use throughout the weekend and generated scores of new registration’s for the Telewest service.

“The Wolf Weekender was proof, if any were needed, that multi-player games offer a level of competition and enjoyment that simply can’t be had from solo play,” says Tom Cotter, head of games for Telewest Broadband.
“This event demonstrates our unrivalled commitment to working with the industry to give our users the best multiplayer gaming experience all along the life cycle of a game.”

In a hotly-contested final, which was the culmination of blueyonder multiplayer gaming’s inaugural free weekend, SNAPS beat their rival clan,
All Guns Blazing, 2-0. The four members of the SNAPS team then played off against one another to win the individual first prize – a GeForce3 graphics card, donated by 3D Power – with ‘Splash’ narrowly defeating his clan mate ‘’Wardancer’ to take the solo honours.

A full report on the tourney, along with demo files showing the action from the team final, can be found HERE

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