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Microids new title 'Syberia' & Screens

by Thomas on Dec. 25, 2001 @ 10:02 p.m. PST

Microids is working on a new 3D adventure game with the title Syberia.. Benoit Sokal creator of Amerzone, is the one who leads this new 'secret' project. The game will have full 3D graphics and offer you as player not only challenging but also intelligent puzzles. More news about this new title will be available in January 2002.. Check out some exclusive screenshots below!

You will play in a deserted university town, in an abandoned space station, a failed industrial city and a port near the Dead Sea. The hero of the game is a young female attorney who acts as the representative of a New York toy company. She arrives in a quaint alpine village to secure a factory for toys and robots but the original owner of the factory has died and our hero discovers that there was more on the mind of the toy maker than toys.

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