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Goldenland - Screens

by Thomas on Dec. 27, 2001 @ 8:09 p.m. PST

Only 300 years passed since that time when evil hordes under command of dark god Drah-Shoo were defeated, and scorched earth of Golden Valley has found quietness. Country of Golden Mountains becomes more beautiful, than ever before and people have begun to forget a terror of evil times... Check out screens and more info below!

Great Heroes, those who defeated terrestrial entailment of Drah-Shoo were canonized and Cult of Heroes has possessed souls of people. Inhabitants of Golden Land turn their glances out of their celestial protectors, Gods of Light, hoping only on themselves.

And it seems to be, that nothing could destroy peace in Golden Land anymore. Cloudless years, passed since the moment of falling of Drah-Shoo, forced people to think that similar life will last always. So nobody was warned, when monsters begun to creep out from their borrows, filling the valley with the smell of evil, hunger, diseases and wars taken to reap their ample harvest. Only one man - the highest priest of the Cult knows, that three hundred years back exactly these signs have heralded to world about Drah-Shoo...


  • Extensive game world: more than 200 locations, from frozen mountains of Turbern to scorched Marvian deserts
  • Three large countries, each with its own customs and traditions
  • Over 400 unique racy characters with different appearance, attitude and behavior
  • Vastly increased amount of weapons and equipment. New kind of weapons such as spears, crossbows, firearms.
  • Interactive gameworld gives player possibility to interact with objects
  • All characters' equipment visualize in game scenes
  • Hero's party can be controlled by player, he can also change weapon and inventory of party members
  • Advanced AI controls all NPCs in the world
  • Tactical battles: aimed shots and hits, quick weapon slots, different formations
  • Magically enchanted weapons, each with their own specifications and parameters
  • Rich rolesystem: 7 primary statistics, over 40 derived ones, 30 skills and abilities
  • Different skills progressions depending on specialization of the character
  • An ability to change derived parameters during the game using Proficiency Points
  • An ability to create hit series from existing ones
  • An ability to create new kind of items using special materials and enchantments
  • Magic system presents over 200 different spells grouped into magic schools 6 magic skills: elemental magic, magic of nature, magic of Gods, dark magic, light magic, magic of shadows
  • Engine takes advantages of original embedding algorithm, which allows moving objects (such as hero, non-player characters, arrows, spears and so on) to be placed anywhere in the static level without obscurity issues
  • Engine is capable to dynamically rebuild the level using the additional still and animated images
  • Enhanced sprite blitter that is capable of applying to the images a range of procedural visual effects, thus improving the visual experience without additional artwork required. Weather effects (snow, snowstorm, rain, lightning bolts)
  • Multiplayer mode allows players to unite their forces in battles with enemies, filling valley of the Golden Land with rivers of blood and hills of bones

Developer is Burut and website is avaliable here

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