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C.O.N.S.E.A.L. - Screens

by Thomas on Dec. 30, 2001 @ 12:00 a.m. PST

We just recived some screens from the upcoming third-person action adventure game, C.O.N.S.E.A.L., developed by Similis.

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. When her helicopter is shot down over a remote island and her only companion dies in the crash Lieutenant Kitty Hawk is on her own.

As she sneaks her way through jungles, forests, laboratories and a huge military base, Kitty finds out about the terrifying truth behind the shooting down of her helicopter.

In the clutches of a ruthless Colonel, the once peaceful island has turned into an enormous test site, where fanatic scientists shake the very foundations of humanity to create a new breed of super-soldiers.

Vastly outnumbered by an entire garrison of the Navy's elite Kitty has to resort to hiding, sneaking and using her wits in her quest to stop the evil Colonel in his tracks and prevent a global catastrophe.

Your first shot may be your last.
You have been warned, soldier.

Hold your breath.
Brave your fears.
C.O.N.S.E.A.L. yourself.

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