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SeaBlade (Xb) Screens

by Thomas on Dec. 30, 2001 @ 6:39 p.m. PST

Coming to the Xbox game console, SeaBlade takes hostage rescue game-play to a new level with loads of firepower, exciting level diversity and versatile rescue craft able to maneuver in and out of the water.

Coming 2002

The place is Earth 2350 C.E. The Ring of Fire Cataclysm centuries before has submerged or leveled most of the world’s economic centers. The equator now divides the planet into the haves and have-nots. In the North, tyrannical despots oppress and exploit the ravaged and water-soaked populations and begin mobilizing large armies to invade the South.

In response to the crisis, the Southern government deploys the Argosy, a gigantic super carrier outfitted with high performance air-sea rescue vehicles known as SeaBlades. Their mission is to rescue northern citizens, destroy the feudal overlords and uncover the awesome secret hidden in the Bering Strait

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