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More Unreal Tournament 2 Information ?

by Thomas on Dec. 31, 2001 @ 8:52 p.m. PST

Well i was surfing around a bit tonight and jumped over to the German site epicnews and found an interesting article about UT2 and also a nice cover of next issue that comes out 2 January 2002 of the German magazine GameStar. Now you might guess whats on that cover? Well check out below for more information..

Well it say's that the magazine is covering 2 previews. One of Unreal 2 with screens and one with Unreal Tournament 2 without any screens.. Why no screens? Well according to the German site that is because these screens have to go to a US magazine first, which will be published 15 January 2002. Well find out more on and use Babelfish to translate the story.

Here is a part of the article in German

In der für Nichtabonnenten am 2. Januar erscheinenden GameStar 02/2002 gibt es diesmal zwei umfangreiche Previews zu Unreal 2 und sogar Unreal Tournament 2. Damit ist es nun endlich eine bestätigte Sache, dass UT 2 in Entwicklung ist. Das zweiseitige Preview beihaltet leider noch keine Screenshots, da diese zuerst an ein US Magazin gehen sollen, welches am 15. Januar erscheinen wird.

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