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Project Entropia and aspects of MindForce

by Peter on Dec. 5, 2001 @ 10:51 a.m. PST

This week John-Anders Pettersson and Fredrik Andersson discusses the aspects of MindForce. "Different areas of the development process"

John-Anders Pettersson:
The topic of the citizens MindForce abilities has attracted great interest, a clarification will follow.

Every citizen will be able to develop and increase his/her MindForce skill. The skill is “canalized” by a huge number of aspects; an aspect is an invocation of either an offensive phenomena directed against a monster/robot or a human, or a defensive phenomena for the benefit of the “caster” of the aspect, such as creating food. As the caster increases his/her skill, he or she will be able to use more and more powerful aspects, and will become much appreciated or feared, depending on how he or she uses MindForce. No particular schools can be chosen regarding Mind force, instead the aspects themselves are “sub-schools” in the way that they have different difficulty-levels, meaning that some require a lot of training, while others will be easy to learn and practice. Further on, the aspects are divided into a vast number of difficulty levels relating to the effects they have.

Requirements in relation to MindForce are the skill, energy, implants and psyche of the citizen. Some special requirements may occur in relation to the MindForce difficulty levels, but these are “shrouded in mystery” at this point. During a casters career, there will be a lot of exciting moments when trying out new aspects. Some of these will be correlated with the MindForce skill value in the sense that they “increase in effect” as the Mindforce value increases.

So I recommend you to try out MindForce. Good luck.

Fredrik Andersson:
MindForce is considered the true power of the mind and the ultimate human tool of the future. By using advanced technology, science has managed to skip several thousand years of human evolution and reach into the future from the present. In order for any human to be able to reach in and control the true inner essence of his or her own mind a MindForce implant is required. An implant is a small device linked to the brain. This is what has made MindForce available to the public. But to allow an untrained human to fully control this mental power, it´s divided into carefully predefined manifestations called Aspects. The Aspects function as a focus of control, which transform the manifestation of mental energy into comprehensive shapes with defined purposes. Without Aspects to help control the mental energy a normal human would soon suffer rapid mental and neural degeneration, ultimately leading to a state of total insanity. To gradually allow human individuals to gain enough skill to control these Aspects, the MindForce implants set up a natural control barrier for personal development. More powerful aspects simply demand more powerful MindForce implants. MindForce implants use energy to function but the use of MindForce also causes direct mental fatigue, which causes great strain on the human psyche. A trained and strong mind is the only way to reach higher levels.

The possibilities of MindForce are said to be endless and are only limited by the imagination of the mind. It allows control of small portions of space, time and matter and as a result Aspects can take amazing forms and shapes, which can be used for any and all purposes. As the limits are tested new Aspects will surely be discovered, and with enough time and devotion any human can attain enough skill to truly master the use of MindForce and reap all the benefits of their efforts.

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