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Curly's Adventure Demo Press, Facts & Screens

by Peter on Dec. 5, 2001 @ 9:41 p.m. PST

Well here it is. The Curly's Adventure demo that's been sitting on gamedevs hard drives for years. This demo was created for publishers to show what Curly could have been. So now you can enjoy it.

Press Release -Sylum Entertainment

Remember this game's, code, art etc, have not been touched since 1998 so it may not even work on some systems. If you think it's great, then email us!! If you think it sucks, email us!! If the demo does not work on your system or your having difficulties running it please do not e-mail us. Again we are just releasing it for fun and don't have the time for tech support.

We hope you enjoy our first attempt at making it big in the industry. We'd like to thank all the original members of Sylum, Lani Minella and her amazing group of voice actors, Tony Porpora and his wad of cash. Bill Keller for his hard work and dedication in making Curly hilarious. The Fratto's for letting us use their basement to make our crazy idea a "somewhat" reality, and all our friends and family for putting up with us during development.

D/l the demo here

Curly’s Adventure

Imagine yourself trying to escape from Planter’s Asylum where everything is not what it’s “cracked up to be.” Talk about cracking up, you’ll have more fun with this game than Homer eating his way out of a “doh”-nut factory or a whole barrelful of Skull Monkeys. Oh you’re a regular comedian, all right (as your character is one in real life). The bad guys bring out a whole new element never seen before under one tent…..and between alien clowns and convenience store clerks, whose turbans are a little too tight, you won’t believe the creative surprises that await you. We’re not talking another shooter or another big-boobed bimbo in hot pants. We have enough of the real things where we live. There’s an evil-maniacal genius, the power crazed Warden and more. You’ve got to meet these guys up close. It’ll alter your mood and could even change the world as you know it.

You don’t need some sales guy to shove this thing down your throat. You just need to expose yourself---------(tsk tsk tsk) to this ingenius masterpiece.

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