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Ecks vs. Sever (GBA)

by Peter on Dec. 6, 2001 @ 7:38 p.m. PST

BAM! Entertainment (Nasdaq: BFUN) today announced that it has shipped its critically acclaimed game of government agent cat and mouse, Ecks vs. Sever for the Game Boy Advance to North American and European retail outlets.

Based on Franchise Films’ upcoming film of the same name, players take the role of either Jonathan Ecks, hardened FBI agent, or Sever, trained NSA operative. In Ecks vs. Sever, players are immersed in a world of government conspiracy, high impact ‘real world’ weapons and hard-hitting adrenaline-filled gameplay.

“The storyline of Ecks vs. Sever makes for compelling interactive entertainment,” said Tony Williams, Managing Director of BAM! Entertainment Ltd. “The fact that our colleagues at Franchise have scheduled a feature film to be distributed by Warner Bros. in the summer of 2002 only offers additional potential for the Ecks vs. Sever brand.”

BAM! Entertainment entered into a strategic association with Franchise Films in April of this year to create video games based on the company’s feature films. Franchise’s theatrical releases distributed through Warner Bros. include “Heist” starring Gene Hackman and Danny DeVito, “Driven” starring Sylvester Stallone, “The Whole Nine Yards” starring Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry, and “The Pledge” starring Jack Nicholson.

“A strategic relationship that inspires a video game to be created based on the strength of a script and prior to the release of the film is pioneering,” said Elie Samaha, founder and chairman of Franchise Films. “We are excited that BAM! has captured the essence of the upcoming Ecks vs. Sever movie and delivered such a critically acclaimed and highly anticipated game.”

Whether the player assumes the role of Ecks or Sever, the action and the bullets will come thick and fast. During an undercover mission as a National Security Agency (NSA) operative, all contact with Sever was lost. Now years later, Sever has resurfaced and holds a grudge against the government that has wronged her. Sever is a highly trained assassin and expert on counter-terrorism, and now she is a thorn in the government’s side. FBI agent Jonathan Ecks is the best the agency has ever trained. Known for his overzealous tactics and blatant disregard for authority, he is scarred by the loss of his family in a tragic car bombing.

The game offers 12 intense single player missions per character. The missions are set across three key locations, including warehouses, hotels, and government headquarters. Throughout each of these levels, players will have a varied arsenal of 10 real world weapons available as they battle, blast, strafe and storm their way through the missions. Along the way, Ecks and Sever will encounter numerous enemies including security guards, FBI agents, SWAT team members, NSA agents, and more.

Ecks vs. Sever offers an entire munitions bunker full of multi-player action for up to four people. Developed by Crawfish Interactive, Ecks vs. Sever has an 11+ rating and is currently available for a suggested U.K. retail price of £34.99. For more information about BAM! Entertainment or Ecks vs. Sever on the Game Boy Advance, or on any of BAM! Entertainment’s products visit

About Franchise Pictures LLC.
Franchise is an independent motion picture production and distribution company founded by Elie Samaha and Andrew Stevens, two of the more prolific producers in the entertainment industry. Since its inception in 1998, Franchise has produced and delivered a number of high profile pictures to the marketplace. Among them have been The Whole Nine Yards starring Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry, Driven starring Sylvester Stallone, Kip Pardue and Estella Warren, Angel Eyes starring Jennifer Lopez and Jim Caviezel, Art of War starring Wesley Snipes and Donald Sutherland and Sean Penn’s The Pledge starring three-time Academy Award-winner Jack Nicholson.

About BAM! Entertainment, Inc.
Founded in 1999 and based in San Jose, California, BAM! Entertainment, Inc. is a developer, publisher and marketer of interactive entertainment software in North America and Europe. The company develops, obtains, or licenses properties from a wide variety of sources, including global entertainment and media companies, and publishes software for video game systems, wireless devices, and personal computers. The company’s common stock is publicly traded on Nasdaq under the symbol BFUN. More information about BAM! and its products can be found at the company’s web site located at

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