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No Ozzy's Black Skies?

by Thomas on Dec. 7, 2001 @ 8:48 a.m. PST

The "Ozzy's Black Skies" videogame which had been in production most of the year, and was due to come out this month for a vareity of platforms, PC, Xbox, PS2 is canceled. The reason for this is that the company making the game "Irock" has gone bankrupt. But there is still some hope... Read more below!

"Hey there – its one crazy industry! Just a quick note and a more specific clarification on the news surrounding Ozzy’s Black Skies earlier today: Ozzy’s Black Skies is no longer a title in production at iROCK and has reverted back to its original name, Savage Skies, without the Ozzy Osbourne license. The financial expense of the license, coupled with misconceptions about the game, made the process of securing product publication difficult. iROCK has not filed for bankruptcy and is a viable game development entity going forward. Development continues on Savage Skies, keeping the focus on frenetic and fun creature vs. creature aerial combat. The development team is excited and focused on gameplay tuning and enhancements.

Look for more information in the near future. Thanks a bunch.

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