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by Thomas on Dec. 7, 2001 @ 10:14 a.m. PST

LATEST INTELLIGENCE: Private-Sector Ally FLYING LAB SOFTWARE has announced development of a multimedia simulation, the DELTA GREEN COMPUTER GAME, to be released to agents and case officers everywhere in 2003!

What is Delta Green?

Good question, my friend. Very good question, indeed.

Ten years ago, I asked that very same question of a fellow at the Library of Congress. I've been asked that same question maybe a dozen times since then. I'd like to tell you differently, but I handed those guys the same line of bullshit that I got served behind the rare-books stacks. It's the same line you're going to get today.

I suppose I could wax poetic on the subject. You know, like: "If the intelligence community was a family, Delta Green would be the uncle nobody talks about." Or more accurately: "Being in Delta Green is like being on a garbage scow that's sinking, and all around the water's on fire." Got that one from Tom Waits. After a few Delta Green ops, your life'll start to feel like a Tom Waits tune. Except when I dream, I'm never innocent.

My dreams . . . ah! Now thereĆ­'s a subject. Suffice to say they're like a continuous reel of operational disasters; some real, some imagined. Up until three years ago I was mixing bourbon with prescription REM-sleep suppressants to get through the night. Then I had my first breakdown. A.A. was out of the question--what the hell would I tell my sponsor? Since Delta Green doesn't exist, there's a paucity of support groups for agents who unravel. I think we lose more agents from mental burnout than from physical casualties.

So, what is Delta Green?

The good news is, I haven't begun lying to you yet. As your cell leader, I'll get around to that sooner or later. You can count on it. You work for Delta Green and you can be sure at some point someone is going to decide there's some piece of information your cell doesn't need to know for its mission, and its going to cost lives. I guarantee it.

Head over to the official site for the rest of the story, images and much more.. " its pretty fun ;) "

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