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PROJECT 3 Announces New World Order

by Peter on Aug. 23, 2001 @ 8:17 a.m. PDT

Dutch publisher Project Three Interactive BV have signed the worldwide rights to the stunning first person shooter game NEW WORLD ORDER. Being developed for PC by talented Swedish developer Termite Games, NEW WORLD ORDER is scheduled for release in March 2002.

Project 3 CEO Rob Ercevic stated: "We are absolutely thrilled to have this very promising game aboard. We are convinced this game will flabbergast even the already spoiled fans of first person shooter games."

Termite Games spokesman Jim Malmros added: "We are extremely happy to have found such a dedicated and experienced publisher in Project 3 and are eagerly looking forward to the co-operation - these guys know what they're doing."

NEW WORLD ORDER uses the revolutionary DVA engine, which a.o. enables previously impossible high detail, global per-pixel lit and shadowed photo-realistic graphics at excellent framerates. The DVA engine was originally created for the highly anticipated but cancelled FPS named DECAY.

Malmros: "We have come up with several new features that really intensify the experience of being part of a military assault team - online or standalone."

NEW WORLD ORDER feature mission arenas that come alarmingly close to modelling reality - further intensified with atmospheric audio and special effects. Massive amounts of real-life weapons ranging from the Glock17 to combat rifles such as the Kalashnikov AK47 and many more are in the game. Weapon loadout is leveraged and gameplay is balanced using a fatigue system that enhances realism and the experience of playing the game as part of a highly effective team. All gameplay is teamplay-based in both co-op and singleplayer mode.

NEW WORLD ORDER is already halfway finished and is very much on schedule to make its announced releasedate.

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