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Swedish Prelusion Developing More

by Peter on Aug. 23, 2001 @ 9:40 a.m. PDT

Swedish developer Prelusion ( people behind Gilbert Goodmate ) is developing a series of demos for the upcoming titles "Hauntings" and "No Man´s Land", the later being a fast-paced WW1 action game. Prelusion is working on a brand new 3D engine wich will feature gorgeous alpha-fx support for explosions, smoke etc.

Hauntings is an adventure/strategy game where you as a ghost have to haunt people away from their homes and other places in order to please the greater spirits and eventually getting over to the other side.

Hauntings contains 21 different missions with over 50 different hauntings to learn and more than 100 unique characters to scare...

No Man´s land - The western front 1916-1918 is a third person action combat game set during WW1. It features a mission-based story line wich lets the player experience war in the trenches of the Western front.

The 3D engine features spectacular dynamic lighting for weapons effects and make a lot of use of static lighting in the maps.

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