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Club 7 On the Road on PC CD-ROM!

by Thomas on Sept. 23, 2001 @ 8:26 p.m. PDT

Chill out at home this Christmas with your favourite band! The seven young, talented British stars that make up S Club 7 can now play in your very own home, with the fantastic S Club 7 - On the Road on PC CD-ROM.

Press Release

Feel right at home with S Club 7 On the Road on PC CD-ROM!

Launched in 1999, S Club 7 has become a huge success story, not only in the UK but around the world. The television series has been sold into 109 countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Scandanavia and Singapore - and a brand new TV series is set to screen in the UK this autumn. Selling over 10 million CDs worldwide, the band has broken geographical and commercial boundaries with their multi-platform success as an entertainment brand.

S Club 7 - On the Road is, as the title suggests, themed around life with the band on tour...and it's just like being right there on the road with them! Join in the fun and antics with the stars themselves - Hannah, Rachel, Jo, Tina, Jon, Bradley and Paul...

Band Rehearsal - Watch how S Club 7 perform, learn the lyrics and then (if you're a bit of a diva at heart) have a go yourself! S Club 7 - On the Road contains 7 of some of S Club's best tracks to sing along with! The microphone, which comes free with the CD-ROM, allows you to record and play back your own star performance.

Interview S Club - Try being the editor of a pop music chat show and put together your own exclusive interview! Ask each band member any questions from the choice of ten, then edit and save your interview for your viewing pleasure. You'll be amazed what you find out....

S Club Party - Create and print out your own party kit so you and your friends can have your very own S Club party....

Dressing for Success - Help Bradley get in the right gear for some important photoshoots on tour. Watch out though - he will let you know what he thinks of your choices!

Hit the Track - So you and your friends think you know all the S Club 7 songs better than anyone else? Put your knowledge to the ultimate test in this challenge! Identify the S Club 7 song from a short audio clip of the music only with no lyrics! And you have to be quick. You can only hit the button of your choice when it's lit up and the pace speeds up as the game progresses.

Reach the Top - More than just a test of your extensive knowledge of S Club 7, your aim is to get to the top of the charts. You can either test yourself or play against a mate. The further you go, the harder it gets....

Driving Ambition - The band are jetting off to their next gig. Rachel has offered to drive to the airport and needs your help to pick them all up and get them there in time. Will you make it?

Release date: 30 November 2001 Platform: PC CD-ROM (free microphone included) System Req: P233 Processor, 64MB RAM, 8 speed CD-ROM Drive, High Colour 16 Bit Display, Sound Blaster 16 or 100% Compatible, Microsoft Windows® 95, 98 and ME. RRP: £24.99


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