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by Thomas on Sept. 25, 2001 @ 9:13 a.m. PDT

Feed, grow, breed, train and fight WAP Dinos on your phone!! Pokemon-esque, you can now train and fight dinos with your mobile. Check out pressrelease below and one huge dino eating a phone, and two diddy images.

If you like cyber pets, exploring territory or combat games then you will love DinoIsland, one of the most advanced wirefree? games available. DinoIsland allows you to capture, raise and fight a digital dino and is available on the Orangenetwork now.

The game is set on DinoIsland, where a world of exciting 'dino' creatures have been discovered. You are invited to catch and care for different dino species that inhabit different areas of the island and appear at different times of the day. You must then train hard in preparation for the fight against other dinos. To succeed in the game you must exceed in three key elements: caring, combat and breeding.

Kamar Shah, Head of Games at Orange commented, "DinoIsland allows you to care, breed and fight a digital pet wherever, whenever and however you choose. Not only can you raise a Dino in a real time environment you can also fight it and in the process collecting all 45 of the species available. Some only come out at night and there is a huge island to explore making Dino Island one of the most advanced games available to Orange customers."

Customers require an Orange WAP enabled device to play DinoIsland and can access the game through the Orange Games section on WAP. Gameplay is exceptionally quick as the game sits on its own dedicated server at Orange. DinoIsland was developed in house by OrangeWorld Games Development.

With 16 games already available to Orange users, DinoIsland illustrates Orange's expansion as both a developer and publisher across a multi platform portal that will take in WAP, SMS, the Internet and voice media.

As mobile technologies continue to evolve towards 3G, the range and quality of games is set to increase.

Orange launched its wirefree? gaming division in January 2001 as part of a large portfolio of life services to be provided to the phone. Mobile gaming will form the cornerstone of Orange's entertainment strategy for 2001 and beyond, giving customers access to the games that they want whenever, wherever and however they choose.

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