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Atlantis III: The New World

by Thomas on Sept. 27, 2001 @ 1:14 p.m. PDT

Atlantis III: The New World is released on PC and DVD and distributed in the UK by Acclaim Entertainment on 12th October 2001. Published in Europe by Cryo, the highly anticipated adventure game will be released in three formats; a 3-part PC CD-Rom (£24.99), a single DVD-Rom (£24.99, the latter to avoid CD swapping) and PlayStation 2 (£39.99) (the latter released on 7th December). New screens avaliable below!

Chiara Mastroianni is the beautiful French/Italian actress, and daughter of two of Europe's most renowned actors, Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni. The game features Mastroianni as a courageous archeologist who specialises in Egyptology. Mastroianni's entire body was scanned into the game and she has recorded the audio speaking parts for her character exclusively for the game in three different languages - English, French and Italian.

Atlantis III: The New World is the third incarnation in the Atlantis adventure game series, the first of which sold over 500,000 worldwide. Cryo are looking to recapture the same mainstream success with Atlantis III. If you're a fan of Myst, the immersive and sophisticated second sequel in the Atlantis adventure game series will capture your imagination. The epic adventure is developed by Cryo's same development team responsible for Atlantis 1 & 2 - Remy Herbulot (Crafton & Xunk on Amstrad) and Philippe Ulrich (Captain Blood).

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