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Kirikou (GBC) Press & Screens

by Thomas on Sept. 27, 2001 @ 2:47 p.m. PDT

Meet Kirikou, a small African boy who is the main character of this new platform/action game from WANADOO and OUAT Entertainment. ‘Kirikou’ will introduce you to a new hero, a small boy with a big quest, and bring hours of entertainment to families and children on PlayStation and GameBoy Color.

Karaba the Sorceress has cast an evil spell on Kirikou’s African village: all the men have mysteriously disappeared. Karaba is a haughty and cruel woman who surrounds herself with vile minions who bow to her every command. But from the moment he was born, Kirikou dreams only of freeing his village from her wicked grasp and revealing the secret of her evil. At the end of his rite of passage, Kirikou will reach Karaba’s Cabin, where the final showdown takes place… Will Kirikou uncover the dark secret kept by Karaba the Sorceress? Will he be able to free her from the powerful evil spell that makes her so demonic?

Kirikou is an obstacle course of minions, rocks, stones, traps and animals providing a wide range of original and diverse ambushes for the player to face. The game’s levels are based on very different ‘settings’, such as swamps, forests, marshland, waterlogged caves, underground caverns and night scenes…. Test your speed, agility and cunning over 9 action packed levels, bonus levels and evil bosses, each more dangerous than the previous. Only with your help can Kirikou succeed in his quest.

Publisher: Wanadoo Developer: Planet Interactive Distributor: Koch Media Based on an idea by / Editorial Advisor: OUAT Entertainment Release date: October Formats: PSX/ GBC SRP: £19.99 PSX £19.99 ELSPA: 3+

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