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SnowCross (GBC PC PS)

by Thomas on Sept. 3, 2001 @ 9:42 a.m. PDT

The most spectacular snowmobile racing game on PSX/PC/GBC!

Do you dream of riding the most fun snowmobiles? With SnowCross just put on your seatbelt and you’re in for a ride so wild you won’t forget it for ages. SnowCross is a snowmobile racing game in which everything’s allowed in order to win!

Wanadoo presents SnowCross

SnowCross is a racing game consisting of over ten unique tracks set in different places such as forests, glaciers, tunnels, caves and… It can be played day or night. Players will experience powerful sensations just like in extreme sports. During the course of the game they will have to negotiate bends and twists battered by snowstorms, carry out the most incredible full-speed acrobatic moves on frozen lakes, cut across fields, take shortcuts through forests and force their competitors off the track… Just watch out for those steep drops!

The aim is to win a maximum of races in order to come top of the ranking. Players can also accept new challenges on even crazier secret circuits and win new snowmobiles. Players use the obstacles and objects on the track like ski-jumps and perform the most incredible acrobatic figures. In this way they win points and improve the performance of their snowmobiles. Everything’s allowed in order to win! Players can push their competitors, bring them down or force them off the track.And to gain ground, players can leave the track at any moment and cut across fields or take shortcuts hidden in the scenery.

Four Game Modes:

Championship: the player starts the season and goes through race after race to beat all records.

Instant action: SnowCross chooses the races and challenges for the player.

Single event: single races in which the player must come out on top!

Multi-player: on a shared screen for up to four players on PSX.

SnowCross – your constant companion: For those keen on intense experiences SnowCross is also available on GameBoy™ Color. With this version players can play anywhere at any time, either on their own or with another person via the GameBoy™ Color Game Link cable.

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