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Hired Team: Trial Gold

by Thomas on Sept. 4, 2001 @ 8:54 a.m. PDT

We have some more information for ppl that havent checked out this good looking multi-player FPS action game. We also added some new screens with the game info.

The drastic growth of science and technology in 3rd millennium has resulted in the global urbanization of the whole planet. The police and Secret Services cannot successfully fight well-organized criminal groups. Former soldiers of special military forces, police brigades and secret services must pass a TRIAL to get enlisted to the elite 'HIRED TEAM'.

The cool 3D multy-user "runner-shooter" game in which a player must win a victory over all other challengers desiring to be admitted in Hired Team. There are several kinds of fights in the game like classic deathmatch, team deathmatch and "capture the flag".

Besides arcade mode the game contains tactical mode. Tactical mode is similar to a military simulator where regional damages, ballistics and realistic physics are taken into account.

  • More than 18 maps in singleplayer
  • 19 map maps in multiplayer
  • Different bots skill levels
  • Different kinds of gameplay (deathmatch, teamplay deathmatch, "capture the flag" etc)
  • Arcade and tactic modes of gameplay
  • Easy multiplayer connection for Fast internet and LAN play
  • Original story line
  • Lots of various environment
  • In-house new generation engine with unique features
  • Newer seen before weapons, and tools at you disposal
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