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Shine 3D engine (PC)

by Thomas on Sept. 4, 2001 @ 9:28 a.m. PDT

Moscow's answer to Quake III and Unreal. Powerful program system for your dreams to come true! The first game based on Shine engine is Hired Team: Trial Gold. Now let's see how it works. Screens and story below..

New Media Generation presents a powerful software system (engine) designed for creation of dynamic three-dimensional games and other products, which comprises several hundreds of classes, functions and other elements.

Top-notch engine: Shine engine is modern top-notch rendering technology, which lets you create impressive indoor/outdoor environments with stunning visual effects.

Shine has all modern features and supports most of the popular graphic cards. With its load of features SHINE can be compared with such modern engines as Q3 and Unreal.

Regular upgrades: Licensing Shine engine eliminates a problem of creating your own engine and saves your money and time. Besides you don't need to worry about upgrading the engine. With SHINE you will not lose the race since you will get timely updates on all the latest graphics algorithms, techniques and hardware.

Flexibility: Every designer will appreciate the flexible system of effects, which let you easily modify surface/texture properties with almost no barrier for designer imagination. With SHINE you will be able to create 3D scenes with highly detailed geometry and vivid graphics.

Work in familiar environment: Shine lets you import any object from the most popular packages used in game development, such as 3ds max, Maya and Multigen's Creator and many others…

Single engine - various platforms: Shine has a portable source code, which allows creating games for such platforms as Windows, Xbox, Playstation2, GameCube. Thus, by licensing a single engine you will get a possibility to create games for a variety of popular platforms.

Flexible licensing policy: We will give you an access to the full source code. You will also receive a competent technical support on all the questions related to the engine usage all through the period of the game development

Building a real world: A physics of the world created with SHINE engine is close to reality to the maximum.

Games: The first game based on Shine engine is Hired Team: Trial Gold.
Hired Team: TRIAL Gold is multiplayer First Person Shooter where player is to fight against human or computer-controlled opponents. PainKiller - a new 3D horror first person shooter from CODA Development. Fight against the vampire hordes in a game where frantic action, big guns and earth-shaking explosions are the main ingredients.


3D BSP rendering
PVS pre-calculation (Potentially Visible Surfaces)
Indoor areas
Outdoor areas (Terrains)


Colored static and dynamic lighting effects
Ambient, Specular highlighting and Diffuse lighting
Dynamic Volume Fog
Light coronas
Lens flares
Switchable and animated lights
Per-pixel lighting, based on combiners and pixel shaders


Dynamic portal effects (Mirrors, Holes, Shadows, etc)
Movable buildings
Vertex deformations (Real time morphing)
Curved surfaces (Dynamic LOD)
Vertex programs/vertex shaders support


Projection spot shadows
Stencil shadows
Per pixel shadows, based on depth textures


Direct 3D7 and OpenGL support
Direct 3D8 support


Multipass and Multitexture mapping (Up to 16 / unlimited layers for surface) (Multitexture support - up ?o 4 stages for GF3)
Real time texture coordinates modifications support (Turbulence, scroll, stretch, rotate, transform, etc)
Real time texture cords generating (Environment, Spheremap, Hardware tex. gens such as reflection, emboss, etc)
Compressed textures support (S3TS, DXT1 - DXT5) Procedural real time textures (Water, Lava, Fire, Bump, Glass, etc)
Texture/pixel shaders support


Realistic Animated Sky
Full TnL Support
Vast Continous Level of Detailed Outdoor Areas
Advanced Particle-system
Powerful effector / shader scripts with visual editor
Full featured 3D Sound-Engine
Marks on the walls
Weather effects (Fog, rain, snow, thunder, wind ambient spatialize sounds)
Environment bump-mapping support (Direct 3d only) (Matrox G400)
Dot3 bump-mapping support (OpenGL and Direct3D)


Skeleton hierarchical models
Level of detail support (LOD)
Blend animation (4 stages)
Weighted mesh joints
Per pixel shadows, based on depth textures


Full C++ portable source code
16 and 32 bit rendering
Support MMX, AMD K6 - 3D, SSE optimization
Client-Server architecture (Internet playing)
Moving prediction on the client side
Internet optimized protocols (for 28800 modem connection)


Shine isn't only highly featured engine, but also very performance optimized rendering technology due to flexibly adjustable detailing of objects and environment. All current developments of the 3D programming (such as Full TnL support, AGP buffers, vertex and shader programs) are employed in Shine, which now allows it to show unparalleled performance results with modern graphics accelerators. Furthermore, the Shine technology is under constant development because of the high level of competition in the fast-changing, dynamic 3D games industry.

Technical requirements for "Shine/Shine2" Engine:

There is no software-only version of the game. If your computer is not hardware accelerated with a game compatible graphics card (see list below), you will NOT be able to run Shine.

CPU: Pentium II 300 or Better; Memory: 32M or more; Video: 3DFX Voodoo-2/3/5 3d board, Riva TNT/TNT2 NVidia GeForce 256, GF2, GF3, ATI Radeon 256 and so on.(OpenGL or Direct3D compatible drivers); Sound: DirectSound or A3D compatible sound card

Software requirements:

OS: MS Windows 95 or MS Windows 98 or MS Windows 2000/NT.

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