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AirBlade (PS2) - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on Jan. 11, 2002 @ 5:40 p.m. PST

The "AirBlade" is an anti-gravity skateboard that allows users to fly through the sky and to do the wildest tricks ever imagined, without any limits. Grinding rooftops, weaving over cars, swinging around flagpoles and doing just about everything any thrasher has ever wanted to do is now made possible. Best of all, AirBlade will be a "many-tricks pony".

AirBlade's Story mode is the first of it's kind to combine both missions and a plot to the "Boarding" genre - this is action/adventure movie where you play the hero! The story concerns a group of three friends who are connected to the development of the AirBlade, a new device that is effectively an anti-gravity skateboard. It is revealed that one of these friends, a scientific genius named Oscar, invented the AirBlade secretly while working for GCP, a powerful technology corporation with vested interests in energy industries. Part of GCP's business is acquiring, then sitting on, extremely energy-efficient technology that could have a negative effect on its other businesses. Being something of a free-thinking renegade who does not approve of his employers' ethics, Oscar has smuggled the AirBlade out of GCP's laboratories so that he can deny them of it and freely proliferate the anti-gravity technology on his own. However, GCP then find Oscar and Ethan. They kidnap Oscar but Ethan escapes with the airboard. Now Ethan's mission is to rescue his friend - using the airboard...

AirBlade will also have many other Game Modes including Score Attack, Freestyle, Training, and even a Party mode for up to 8 players. There are various other 2-player modes for a total of 10. There will be countless other hidden features and the stages are so huge, that players will be surprised as to the variety of places where they can grind. A special DVD bonus feature will include the "Making of AirBlade" video, a cool and sexy Character Art gallery, and a music player. AirBlade will ship in February, 2002.

AirBlade is a pick up and play game - it's accessible to everyone including beginners. But the challenge is upon: the longer you play, the better stunts you'll pull. It all takes place in a great looking and fully interactive environment allowing you to utilize the unique, gravity-defying design to bounce off the scenery and perform tricks that would be impossible on a conventional board. As you progress through the game, the capabilities of the board increase, allowing you to pull more and more spectacular tricks.

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